Q+A host, Stan Grant Criticized The Finance Minister Katy GallagherG

Host of Q+A, Stan Grant, Criticized the Finance Minister Katy Gallagher

Stan Grant has been an Australian journalist, writer, and radio and television presenter since the 1990s. In July 2022, it was announced that Grant would permanently host Q+A from 1 August.

The federal government’s Budget has come under fire on Q+A for not doing enough to help young people or address cost-of-living problems in Australia. Grant has expressed outrage that, in his view, the Budget leaves poor people behind.

With rental prices, energy bills, and inflation all climbing, and wage growth stagnant, the government has been accused of not doing enough for the most vulnerable Australians.

On Thursday night, Finance Minister Katy Gallagher faced questions from the audience and fellow panelists.

A viewer, Robert Cash, asked why the government failed to help Australians struggling with the rising cost of living. In response, Gallagher tried to defend the budget. She blamed inflation and the national debt and said not handing out a stimulus package was the right thing to do to try and bring inflation down.

She blamed inflation and the national debt and said not handing out a stimulus package was the right thing to do to try and bring inflation down.

“The worst thing the government could have done was indiscriminately splash around cash,” Senator Gallagher said.

On Q&A, Stan Grant tried pulling out a Labor voter to criticize Labor’s budget. He was interrupting Katy Gallagher.

Katie Gallagher responded to Jane Hume’s defensive interjection. Grant turned on KG saying she was talking past the questioner.

People are criticizing Stan Grant on social media. According to critics, he was bullying Katy Gallagher and sounded rude. Some of them even claimed to replace Grant as Q+A’s host.

“Like if you think Stan Grant should be permanently removed as host of Q&A”:@JayJay91341991

@JmarrMarr posted on Twitter, “Stan Grant is so rude, how dare he censure Katie Gallagher & say she was talking past the questioner when it was Jane Hume who interrupted her, Stan one of the most rude & ignorant men on TV today”.

“Stan Grant is plain rude and offensive interrupting Katy Gallagher. He needs to apologise for his nauseating behavior. A boy who needs to be put in place”:@Garyured

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