Playboi Carti just gave a rocking performance at Rolling Loud

Playboi Carti just gave a rocking performance at Rolling Loud

Playboi Carti, a celebrated rapper from the United States, gave a performance at Rolling Loud California’s opening day on Friday, March 3, 2023, at the Hollywood Park Grounds in Inglewood. Unquestionably popular, the live show briefly stopped during the 26-year-old rapper’s performance.

There were numerous claims of audience members being hurt online, and some social media platforms even reported that a member of the audience had passed away. Even if the performance had got restored, the rumors persisted since many internet users commented.

Playboi Carti’s Rolling Loud concert in California was abruptly stopped, which caused speculations

As previously indicated, the sudden halt gave internet users more than enough information to form theories and reach their conclusions.

Many people tweeted their responses while Playboi Carti’s performance was already online in video form.

RapTV’s Twitter account tweeted to its followers that there had been a break due to an emergency and that there had been rumors of an injury.

Playboi Carti received a statement from RapTV after being led away from the stage.

Later, the concert was resumed when FlatBed Freestyle’s 26-year-old artist returned to the stage and even played some of his brand-new tracks in Rolling Loud California.

After Playboi Carti’s performance and Day 1 of Rolling Loud California ended, the worldwide hip-hop music festival representatives were yet to comment on the event.

Playboi Carti performs in California
Source: @rollingloud Instagram

However, this incident is not new to Rolling Loud; 30-year-old singer Travis Scott was accused of causing a stampede at the Miami festival last year, and he was later sued for his claimed role in the incident.

Once police ordered Travis Scott to stop because the gathering had grown unruly and hazardous, the lawsuit claimed that Scott encouraged the mob by verbally and physically instigating concertgoers.

There have been claims that Scott incited several stampedes while many people were already hurt.

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