Pedro Pascal admits to falling asleep while filming Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal admits to falling asleep while filming Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal describes being “deeply asleep” while filming  his gory death scene in the  Game of Thrones as “cathartic.” 

Pascal portrayed Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. His character suffered one of the most gruesome endings in the drama, having his head torn open.

Pedro Pascal has talked openly about his Game of Thrones death scene. He portrayed Oberyn Martell in the well-liked Fantasy drama series.  Of HBO,  Pascal, aka Martell, had his skull shattered in arguably one of the most violent deaths of a character in the entire series.

Despite how horrible that sounds, Pedro said the sequence recording process was somewhat cathartic.

Pedro Pascal in the "Game of Thrones"
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Pedro Pascal discusses shooting a death scene for Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal recently appeared on the show First We Feast on Hot Ones, which tests celebrities’ tolerance for heat by serving them spicy foods like hot chicken wings and hot sauce.

The Last of Us actor discussed the gory sequences from Game of Thrones where Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (Hafór Jlus Björnsson) smashes Martell’s skull in-depth during the interview with host Sean Evans.

Pascal claimed that filming the sequence was incredibly relieving for him.

“To have a good, panoramic picture of the two of us from above, they kind of placed all these fleshy bits on my face and pumped blood so that it would pool and spread around the amphitheater,” he added to Evans. “I was also falling asleep.”

Pedro went on to say that because it was so hot when they shot the death scene, the blood pumped through the tubes attached to Björnsson’s corpse was very cool. He continued by saying that Björnsson was also exceedingly kind and that, despite being wrestled and having his head broken, Pascal did not even feel Björnsson’s weight on his body.

Speaking of wrestling, the actor in the Mandalorian film series revealed that filming the fight scene was intense in an interview with Entertainment Weekly published in 2014.

Hence, the actor from The Last of Us admitted on Hot Ones that he was also relieved that the filming had concluded.

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