'Outer Banks' Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix; see Review

‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix; see Review

‘Outer Banks’ fans should be overwhelmed as all ten episodes of season 3 are now premiering on Netflix from today, February 23.

In 2020, Outer Banks made its Netflix debut. The Jonas Pate,  Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke-created television series are centered on the class gap between two groups of kids in the titular North Carolina region.

The streaming service acquired a second season of the show three months after Season 1’s debut, and it immediately topped the Nielsen ratings of the US streaming chart.

You won’t need to worry about remembering to tune in every week because all ten episodes will debut on the streaming service today after they are released.

According to the third season’s official synopsis, “Season 3 finds the Pogues washed ashore on a lonely island that, for a split second, seems like a perfect home after losing the gold and escaping the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks Season 3
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Review of “Outer Banks” Season 3: Netflix’s Shallow Teen Drama Is No Longer Just Trashy Fun

This season quickly demonstrates that Outer Banks is a show that keeps the characters just as adrift as they are in the beginning.

After they find their way home, the story continues to be meandering with a lot of activity, but only a little of it feels essential.

That is best demonstrated in this early scene, as one of the main antagonists of the program decides to call it off rather than pursue the fleeing thieves.

He seems exhausted by how everything comes out, based on his lame attempt to justify himself. The characters seem to be barely bothered to go through the motions, which provides a moment of revealing yet inadvertent laughter.

Netflix's teen drama, 'Outer Banks' season 3
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These motions all start with a group of Pogues stranded on a deserted island, which at first seems like a throwback to The Wilds’ terrible second season but is much more foolish.

After the spectacular finish of the previous season, the group of scrappy young people had built themselves a meager existence in Poguelandia. They can lay back and relax while surviving on fish they can catch, so things aren’t too bad. Then, when they wave down a passing seaplane, all this is set aside.

All of them board, believing they have got saved, but soon develop doubts about the pilot and his possible employer. Before the plane crashes, a ludicrous argument erupts inside the cabin, but everyone is still alive and well, albeit a little shaken.

It is a somewhat awkward beginning that is supposed to hook us for the journey ahead, but, fortunately, nothing in Season 3 reveals much fun, either. The cast makes every effort to save the season, but it is a losing battle from the beginning to the end.

After that, Outer Banks resumes its ordinary melodramatic course, with forced narration reminding us of previous events and developments so insignificant as to have vanished from memory.

Nevertheless, this time it also includes John B ( portrayed by Chase Stokes) finding a new familial tie that won’t get revealed here and other dispersed experiences that will take up most of his time during this season.

He runs into some of the show’s most violent themes on this voyage, which indicates that the plot is about to turn worse.

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