Ousama Ranking Season 2 Release Date

Ousama Ranking Season 2 Release Date: Cast And Production!

Ousama Ranking Season 2: Kage and Bojji are going on a new trip in the second season of the anime series Ranking of Kings. When will Ousama Ranking Season 2 be released, given that Part 2 of the Ranking of Kings manga only began in May 2021?

Because of how well Bojji was built in the first part, it felt like the beginning of the story, rather than the beginning of the story itself. Part 2 will begin to flesh out the title of the programme, which is based on the ranking of kings method.

Production of the first season of the anime was handled by WIT Studio, the same studio that brought us Attack on Titan (Attack on Titan: The Final Season was handled by Studio MAPPA) and The Ancient Magus’ Bride in its initial iteration. The Great Pretender anime and Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- are two examples of WIT Studio’s current concentration on unique works.

WIT Studio and Studio CloverWorks have established a release date for the Spy x Family anime in 2022. In 2022, Netflix will release Vampire in the Garden.

The studio’s planned projects include Vinland Saga Season 2, which will begin production in the summer of 2021. The Moonrise animation from WIT Studio and the Grimm anime from Netflix have both been revealed.

Ousama Ranking Season 2 This Season’s Main Cast and Production studio have not been announced yet.

Director Makoto Fuchigami (Soul Eater), director Yousuke Hatta (Death Parade, One Punch Man episode director), and assistant director Arifumi Imai were in charge of the anime’s first season (Attack On Titan animation director).

Toy with Me’s series composition was handled by Taku Kishimoto (Don’t Toy With Me; Miss Nagatoro; Moriarty the Patriot; Haikyu!!; 2019 Fruits Basket). Tokyo Magnitude 8.0’s character designer Atsuko Nozaki and Love Live! Sunshine!sub-character !’s designer Masaki Kawake were both main animators. The soundtrack was written by composer MAYUKO (Cells at Work!).

The OP and ED theme song music for Season 2 of Ranking of Kings has not yet been revealed.

King Gni performed the Ranking of Kings OP “BOY” and Yama the ED “Oz.” in the first season. Both the Part 2 OP “Hadaka no Yuusha” and the Part 2 ED “Flare” were sung by Vaundy in the anime.

This is the OP music video for “The Ranking of Kings”.

At exactly 12:01 am on October 14, 2021, the first episode of the anime’s first season aired online (effectively October 15). The Winter 2022 anime season kicked out with the release of Ranking of Kings Part 2 on January 6, 2022.

On March 24, 2022, Ranking of Kings Episode 23 — the season finale — was broadcast. There were four Ranking of Kings Blu-Ray/DVD volumes produced in Japan that contained all 23 episodes.

Reworked translation for Ranking of Kings manga will be released on April 1, 2022.

On February 23, 2022, the English version of Ranking of Kings manga was made public for the first time.

Added Ranking of Kings Part 2 teaser, release date, key image, and OP/ED information on December 24, 2021.

Release date for the English dub of FUNimation’s Ranking of Kings

On FUNimation, the first season of Ranking of Kings could be viewed by viewers throughout the world who could only understand English subtitles (not Crunchyroll, VRV, Netflix, or Hulu). On Amazon Prime Video Japan, it was only available to stream in Japan.

FUNimation revealed the dub Cast for Ranking of Kings in November 2021:

  • Emily Fajardo portrays Bojji in the film.
  • As Kage, SungWon Cho steps into the role.
  • The character of Bebin is played by Christopher Wehkamp
  • Chris George in the role of a villainous Bosse
  • Daida, played by Justin Briner
  • Domas is A.J. Locascio’s character.
  • Playing Dorshe: Brent Mukai
  • Hiling, Luci Christian
  • Hiroshi Hokuro (Bryce Papenbrook)
  • the narrator is Ben Phillips
  • In the role of Sandeo Ben Bryant
  • Shiina, played by Laila Berzins
  • Sorii, played by Kevin M. Connolly
  • On November 18, 2021, FUNimation released the English dub of Ousama Ranking.

It is possible that Ousama Ranking Season 2 may not be renewed.

Ousama Ranking Season 2 Release Date

However, no official announcement has been made by Aniplex/Kadokawa/WIT Studio/etc. about the release of Season 2 of Ranking of Kings. There has been no word on whether or not a sequel to The Ranking of Kings will be made.

This page will be updated as soon as the news is officially confirmed.

It’s conceivable to predict about the release date of Ousama Ranking Season 2 in the future while it’s still in development.

The majority of reviews for The Ranking of Kings have been quite favourable. It’s a heartwarming story about a deaf youngster who dreams of being the greatest monarch in the world… In addition to murder, genocide and demon pacts, the book also discusses child sacrifice rituals. There is an enchanting contrast between light-hearted children’s picture book graphic style and dark, emotional drama that forms the backbone of the plot.

This sector is driven by real facts like streaming income and its influence on manga sales, no matter how joyful its content may be. Unfortunately, FUNimation doesn’t offer any indicator of the popularity of its exclusive releases, which is a shame.

As a result of the program’s production company, WIT Studio, the anime’s first season should have attracted some interest, but anime fans who disregarded the TV show based only on its premise seem to have reduced it to dark horse status. But as news spread, RoK became the rising star of the fencing hero.

Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3: Release Date Revealed!

By September 2021, the manga’s circulation had reached more than 1.3 million. The manga’s distribution peaked at 1.5 million copies in mid-November thanks to the anime’s boost. However, even with this bump, the manga failed to crack the Oricon Top 30 within that time span..

Regardless, it appears that Ranking of Kings will be revived for a second season by the anime production committee due to its increasing popularity among the anime fanbase. In March 2022, after the anime’s first season ended, there was a paucity of acceptable source material for a follow-up.

To add insult to injury, anime productions are often planned out for decades. WIT Studio’s availability isn’t a big deal because the company has a long list of upcoming projects. Small size means they can’t take on too many tasks at the same time.

As a result, viewers should expect to have to wait several years before they can see Ranking of Kings 2. There should be enough new manga chapters by 2023 to 2024 to make a second season, but the anime production committee may wait until the second manga story arc is finished before moving further.

At the age of 41, the author of the Ranking of Kings manga began working on the project.


Sousuke Tooka, author of the Ranking of Kings manga, wrote the scenario for the anime TV programme. Osama Ranking is an official spelling of the Ousama Ranking Season 2 manga.

Kadokawa’s Enterbrain began printing the physical volumes in February 2019 after the manga was self-published on the website Manga Hack since May 2017. As of December 10th, 2021, the manga series was up to Ranking of Kings Volume 12.

Multiple plot arcs have been established for the manga. On May 8th, 2021, Chapter 156 of Ranking of Kings Part 2 was released. Volume 12 should include the finish of Part 1’s storyline.

The delivery of new chapters is irregular. The online manga had reached Chapter 180 by the time Volume 12 was released. The online manga was only up to Chapter 192 when the first season’s conclusion, Ousama Ranking Episode 23, was released.

The official English manga translation of Ranking of Kings was announced by BookLive Co., Ld, a North American publisher, in February of that year. As of February 25, 2022, the first four volumes of the e-book series have been available for download. Vol. 5 was released on March 4, 2022, at midnight.

As a result, the initial English translation of the official document was reportedly riddled with spelling mistakes. Since 42 percent of the first three chapters were identical to unauthorised scanlation initiatives, there were accusations of plagiarism.

Booklive stated on March 31, 2022 that sales of the official English translation will be suspended due to the dire circumstances. Ranking of Kings publisher Booklive and translator Dragon Digital Japan Co, Ltd. have apologised for “damaging” the book’s reputation.

Rather than translating the official English volumes, the eBook publisher just re-released them. Retranslation of the first seven volumes in English will be free for customers who have already purchased any of them.

There are also fan translations in English. Part 1 of the manga has been put on hold by one organisation, Home Hero Scans. Instead, they want to begin work on the first chapters of Part 2 as soon as the show’s last episode airs. Part 2. Translation team stated on March 26, 2021, that the first batches of new chapters will be released on a new Ranking of Kings Part 2 website as soon as they were completed (apparently, there was a delay since the original intention was to release chapters on that day).

When it comes to Tooka, one notable aspect is that he began his manga career at the age of 41 after dropping out of college. Tooka doesn’t tell his parents that he makes a job by creating manga because he fears they’ll be worried about him if they find out. His parents still believe he works as a salaryman.

As a 42-year-old woman, I was hesitant to leave my career. In an interview with Anime News Network, Tooka remarked, “However, it is also true that I have lived an easygoing existence since I am single and have no one to provide for.” As a matter of fact, I’ve always been unsure of my goals and didn’t find joy in my life. “It was only a matter of time until I became a manga artist.”

In the past, he had entered a picture book competition with his work. Despite winning an award, Tooka’s career as a picture book illustrator didn’t take off. Kage was initially developed as a character in that book.

When asked about how his work challenges fairytale expectations, the author responded by revealing how Tooka plans to wrap up the Ranking of Kings manga.

Ousama Ranking Season 2 News

In my humble opinion, I am drawn to stories with happy endings because I am a sensitive soul. “If I have the chance, I’d like to make everyone happy,” he stated. That’s not an option for the criminals. That is the essence of the matter.”

Fortunately, the second story arc Tooka began crafting in 2021 appears to be just getting started for Bojji’s journey.

Comparing the manga and anime versions of Ousama Ranking Season 2

Even if the manga or book’s author isn’t actively engaged in the scriptwriting process, they will at least offer input and answer questions when the anime is based on their work. Tooka acknowledged that he had no involvement on the anime, but he is grateful to the WIT Studio crew for a job well done.

To ensure that anime adaptations are as faithful to manga as possible, several animation companies nearly adapt each scene panel-by-panel. Accordingly, WIT Studio rearranged key facts in order to create a slew of mysteries.

For example, in the manga, King Bosse made a pact with a demon, which resulted in Bojji’s frail physique and hearing handicap. The manga, on the other hand, hid Bosse’s reasons for making this decision.

That’s why up to Episode 8 when a devil burst out of the deceased king’s body without any explanation, the air of mystery was still maintained The flashback episode even includes an extra chapter from Volume 1.

Bosse’s reasons for selling his firstborn’s life energy to the devil were expanded upon in a special additional chapter titled Chapter 13.5. It was necessary to make this alteration to the printed manga since the original online manga painted Bosse as a greedy and callous figure.

In terms of subtlety, the moment when Domas betrayed Bojji also surprised anime fans. By reading Domas’ enigmatic mental dialogues heading to Hell’s Gate, one may see that Domas was planning to kill him. In addition, Domas’ insane laugh was an effective way to convey the frenzy he was feeling due to his own inner struggle.

Flashbacks and unique anime sequences were also used to enhance the flow of the tale in the animated version. One such example is the anime’s usage of an original sequence in which Bojji attempts to flee his castle room.

After Bojji was cured from his battle wounds by the Queen during his combat with Prince Daida, this flashback occurs in the manga. For a long time, the anime didn’t explain who was curing Bojji, which led viewers to dismiss Hiling as a mere nasty stepmother, until her true nature was revealed.

Certain events were revealed sooner than they should have been in several episodes of the anime. So, for instance, the first episode covered the first five chapters and incorporated themes from later chapters, such as Kage’s meeting with snake tamer Bebin. Kage’s history was similarly advanced in Episode 2 in order to create the concept that Bojji is in the same boat as the sole remaining member of the shadow clan.

The way the anime shifted the plot in certain places was perplexing at times. Even though King Bosse never evaded an attack in Episode 2, the lack of this information in the anime explains why everyone saw Bojji’s swordsmanship as dishonourable or unkingly. Another omission in the anime was the fact that Bosse’s bargain with the devil included a reduced life expectancy, which accounted for his early death.

The anime shortened the history of spearman Apeas much too much. Apeas was a skilled spearman in the manga, but he lacked confidence in combat. With his promotion to Spear of the King, he became more self-confident in his abilities. Once it was discovered that Apeas had been repeatedly battling a gryphon until the latter had been slain and the defeated beast had been delivered as a trophy to the King, Apeas’ inexplicable injuries could no longer be explained by human action.

Bloodshed was depicted in vivid detail in the anime adaption. His mother’s blood was literally all over him. The kid torture scenario from Volume 9: Chapter 111 was intelligently adjusted by WIT Studio for the animated background of orc-like gigantes Gigan, however the unfortunate soul was only chained to the cross instead of being truly crucified with its arms nailed down.

When you look back on things, you can see that some sequences and lines of conversation were always going to be axed. For a nice ending, WIT Studio required only two cours of manga, but they still needed to speed things up a bit.

Story of Ousama Ranking Season 2:

The anime adaptation of Ranking of Kings Episode 12 (Ranking of Kings Part 2) had reached manga Volume 6 at this point.

As a whole, the first season’s conclusion, Ousama Ranking Episode 23, is expected to end at a point in Volume 12: Chapter 155 of the manga.

First narrative arc ends naturally because it efficiently wraps up the King Bosse/Miranjo story arc without leaving any important plot strands unresolved, making it an ideal finishing point for the anime. While the gods’ role in determining king rankings is well understood, many concerns remain unexplained, such as why the first-ranked monarchs usually go insane. Ousama Ranking Part 2 should serve as a guide for the second season’s plot.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough fresh manga chapters to make even a one-episode season of Ranking of Kings. This means that the manga will have to be updated to at least 230 chapters before a second season can be considered. In the 2023-2024 timeframe, the source material should be sufficient but it’s not clear how many manga chapters Part 2 will have.

Ousama Ranking Season 2 Cast

Home Hero Scans has translated Chapter 156, so English-only manga readers who want to read ahead of the anime can do so. Although the official translation has begun publishing, it is probable that the published volumes won’t catch up until the end of 2022 at the earliest.

Anime spoilers (plot summary/synopsis) for Osama Ranking Season 2

It should be noted that this article was originally published prior to the airing of Ranking of Kings Episode 23. Over time, spoilers will be included.

Bojji and Kage will begin Ousama Ranking Season 2 in a covered waggon. After relinquishing the throne to his brother, Bojji longs to rise to the position of king on his own, and so he plans to go to other lands.

Desha appears to be in a bad mood as they make their way through the woods. Unshaven and untidy, he looks to be the King of the Underworld, who is sitting by the roadside. He’s in such a bad way that it’s hard to tell who he is at first.

The Divine Vault, a rich trove of ancient relics, is guarded by an unidentified institution that keeps track of the world’s rulers. Only the most powerful monarch is permitted entry, and he has the exclusive right to select one prize from the collection. Every high-ranking king, on the other hand, has selected the same prize and gone insane.

King Desha is well aware of the risks, yet he is determined to enter the Divine Vault in order to break Ouken’s curse of immortality in order to restore his brother. Unfortunately, the king’s expectations have not been met…

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