One housewife commits suicide every 25 minutes!

According to the latest figures from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 22,382 housewives committed suicide in India last year.

In other words, the average suicide rate among Indian housewives is 61 per day and one per 25 minutes per minute. News from the BBC.

Of the total 153,052 suicides recorded in India in 2020, 14.7 per cent were committed by housewives. And in more than 50 percent of all suicides, housewives are on the verge of suicide.

Last year’s figure is no exception. The NCRB started compiling suicide statistics in 1996 and they do so on a professional basis. It shows that more than twenty thousand housewives commit suicide in India every year. In 2009 this number increased to 25,092.

Reports have always blamed ‘family problems’ or ‘marital problems’ for such suicides. But what exactly is the reason that thousands of housewives are ending their lives in this way?

Mental health experts say the main cause is widespread domestic violence. According to a recent government survey, 30 percent of women surveyed said they were being abused by their husbands.

At the same time, the daily grind of life and the daily labor of the world is making their marital life difficult, creating a suffocating situation for them in the world.

Women are actually very tolerant, but there is a limit to tolerance, says a medical psychiatrist in Benares. Usha Verma Srivastava.

Most girls get married when they turn 18, which is the legal age for marriage. She goes to her father-in-law’s house as a wife and daughter-in-law and spends all her time in the four walls of the house – cooking, washing and household chores.

Various restrictions were imposed on him. He has almost nothing to say about individual freedom. There is no financial freedom – his hand is almost empty to say his own money.

All his education or dreams of the future are to give him up. His hopes and aspirations slowly began to die. As a result, frustration and the sting of failure began to consume him. At that time, just living life seemed like a pain to him.

Many of these children suffer from a void when they grow up and move out of the house – which is called ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’. Many return to this age and suffer from menopause or menopause, which can lead to depression in women.

But suicide is easy to prevent – says Dr. Verma. If you interrupt someone for even a second at that moment, they will return to the path of suicide.

Psychiatrist said. Soumitra Pathare says this is because many Indians commit suicide out of emotion. The husband returns home and beats his wife, and she commits suicide.

She says a private non-partisan study found that one-third of all women in India who have committed suicide have a history of domestic violence.

However, the NCRB data did not mention domestic violence as a cause of suicide.

Iran is allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to re-install cameras at its Karaj nuclear plant. The IAEA’s cameras were damaged in a subversive attack on the plant in June this year.

Iran said on Wednesday it had agreed to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to voluntarily install cameras at its nuclear facilities. This initiative has been taken to eliminate the ‘misunderstanding’.

Iran says security and judicial investigations into the attack have been completed. The International Atomic Energy Agency recently agreed to condemn the attack. Iran blames Israel for the attack.

The government of Iran’s current president, Ibrahim Raisi, has ruled that nuclear power plants cannot be recorded on camera. Although recorded on IAEA cameras. But Iran has said it will release the recorded video only if US sanctions are lifted.

The five members of the UN Security Council, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, signed the agreement with Iran in 2015. In the deal, Iran pledges to limit its nuclear program in exchange for lifting international sanctions. But in 2016, former US President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the deal and upheld sanctions on Iran. In retaliation, Iran also began enriching uranium in violation of the terms of the nuclear deal.

The six world powers have resumed talks on a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. The talks began on Thursday in the Austrian capital, Vienna, under the auspices of the European Union (EU). China, like other global powers, has joined the talks.