OIC talks held with Bangladesh

Discussions have been held on enhancing various OIC cooperation with Bangladesh. The newly-appointed Secretary General of the OIC, Hussein Brahim, thanked Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Permanent Representative of the OIC for his support in repatriating Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh and for filing a case against the Rohingya for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. Mohammad Jabed Patwari BPM (Bar).

The Ambassador recently met with the newly appointed Secretary General at the OIC headquarters in Jeddah. During the meeting, she discussed OIC’s cooperation with Bangladesh on education, trade, agriculture, food security, social welfare, women’s rights and humanitarian issues. The Ambassador informed the Secretary General that Bangladesh was working on launching a permanent mission in the OIC with a view to working closely with the OIC.

Ambassador Mohammad Jabed Patwari expressed hope that under his leadership, newly appointed Secretary General Hussein Brahim would be able to make further contributions to the Muslim world in the days to come. He conveyed the best wishes and best wishes from Bangladesh to the new Secretary General for discharging his duties. He also invited the OIC Secretary General to visit Bangladesh at a convenient time.

He said the government of Bangladesh has set a unique example of humanity by sheltering Rohingya refugees. He expressed interest in working together to address the challenges facing the Muslim Ummah, including the Rohingya refugee problem.

At the meeting, Consul General of Bangladesh Consulate in Jeddah Mohammad Nazmul Alam Siddiqui and Counselor of Bangladesh Embassy Md. Humayun Kabir was present.

Israel will no longer give the Iron Dome its air defenses to the UAE as it grows closer to Iran.

Earlier, the Zionist country agreed to sell the Iron Dome to an Arab country. News Arab News.

Several Israeli dailies have recently published the news. It said the emirate wanted to buy the Iron Dome, a missile defense system known to Israelis as God’s slingshot.

According to a report in the Israeli newspaper Hayom, Tel Aviv recently lashed out at the UAE for allowing Iran to use its own waters, land and air.

That is why the UAE is not getting this billion dollar iron dome. Israel alleges that it made the decision to trade with Iran in defiance of US sanctions.

CCTV has been directed to be installed in all booths in Kolkata, India.

The Hindustan Times reported on Tuesday that the Kolkata High Court had directed that CCTV be installed in all polling booths in the Kolkata municipality. CCTV should also be used in strong rooms.

As a result, if the Election Commission wants to use CCTV in 100 per cent booths, there is no objection.

Earlier, the BJP had approached the High Court demanding deployment of central forces in the Kolkata municipal elections.

Municipal elections will be held on December 19 (Sunday) in Kolkata. That is why the commission initially decided to use CCTV in 25 percent of the booths. A case was filed in the Calcutta High Court against that decision.

The plaintiff in the case, BJP leader Devdutt Maji, claimed that there was violence after the assembly polls. There were also shootings in the last general election.