New Jeans released their first-ever single album & MV 'OMG."

New Jeans released their first-ever single album & MV ‘OMG.”

New Jeans, the K-pop group, has released its first single album along with the music video, ‘OMG,’ on January 2 at 6 p.m. KST.

In “OMG,” a peculiar sense of caution, distance, and unfamiliarity coexist with the yearning to draw closer to one another. ‘UK garage’ rhythm and trap rhythm based on hip-hop drum source and percussion are combined in this upbeat and exhilarating hip-hop R&B song.

More About ‘OMG,’ the single album by New Jeans

“OMG” is a hip-hop and R&B song with UK Garage and Trap rhythms written by Ylva Dimberg, Jinsu Park, and David Dawood and has lyrics by Gigi, Ylva Dimberg, and Hanni. The group’s members demonstrate current music in various ways, including pop vocals and melodic rapping.

The YouTuber Calm down Man, former webtoon writer Lee Mal Nyeon, and an actor named Kim Joo Heon appear in the song video.


This song will allow you to experience another side of NewJeans’ charm and distinctively modern tone. Additionally, it is anticipated to convey an entirely different mood than the debut album “NewJeans,” published last summer. One of the 4th generation female groups that epitomized the second half of 2022 with their debut is NewJeans.

Image: New Jeans, Source: Twitter

OMG will be published five months after NewJeans’ debut extended play, New Jeans, which achieved both financial and critical acclaim and had a significant presence on international charts.  In an online briefing regarding the future of the business in November 2022, Min Hee-jin, the manager of Hybe Corporation, the parent company of ADOR, confirmed that the group would release a new single album in January.

Not only did all of the triple title songs, including “Cookie,” “Attention,”  and “Hype Boy,” quickly become hits, but they also sparked the cover dance craze, receiving the Rookie Award and the Grand Prize at the year-end awards ceremony. He had unmatched charisma and presence.

The Pre-released song Ditto

The pre-released song “Ditto” gained notice as soon as it was made public thanks to cameos by Park Ji Hu and Choi Hyun Wook, as well as the retro aesthetic of the music video. This way, New Jeans have quickly taken over the music charts and the topic. This hip-hop R&B song, “OMG,” is anticipated to depict a relaxed yet dreamy NewJeans, in contrast to last summer’s invigorating NewJeans.

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