National junior esports tournament to be held in the UK

Digital Schoolhouse, Nintendo UK and Outright Games team up for first ever such event

ESports has been expanding its reach globally with immense participation in almost all countries. Such events have generally been focused towards adult gamers. That is changing with Digital Schoolhouse, Nintendo UK and Outright Games joining hands to launch the first ever national junior esports tournament in the UK.

According to the programme, players aged 8 to 11 will be able to take part and play games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Race with Ryan and Crayola Scoot. The DSH junior esports tournament is being described as an immersive careers experience for participants bringing industry careers to life in the classroom with the help of competitive games on Nintendo Switch.

The tournament is a way for aspiring learners to take part in real job roles within the video games industry through a range of lessons and activities mapped to subjects on the curriculum such as Computing, English, Maths, Design and Technology (DT) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE).

The launch of the tournament follows a successful pilot scheme in 2020 which demonstrated numerous practical benefits for the children who participated.

According to The Junior Esports Evaluation report it has been found that pupils who participated in the esports tournament more engaged with activities in school. 84% of pupils wanted more lessons in school similar to the esports tournament. 55% of teachers reported that their pupils’ level of attainment was higher than usual.

It also saw increased interest in industry relevant skills and careers. 55% of teachers reported children were significantly more motivated to study computing upon completion of the pilot.  65% of pupils associating the tournament with fostering skills such as teamwork. And 91% of teachers reported that pupils were either very or extremely interested in careers in games.

The senior esports tournament will also resume shortly with the DSH Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle , set to recommence for ages 12-18 years across the UK in its fifth iteration.

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