Naked Cowboy

Naked Cowboy Net worth: Biographical Information on Wiki, Family

Naked cowboy Net worth

Early life: Naked Cowboy

Cowboy was born on 23 December 1970 in Ohio, United States. He is a Singer, Songwriter, street Performer, and American actor. His real name is Robert John Burck.

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He attended Rose Mary Elementary School in Ohio. Cowboy made appearances in Dublin, Ireland, where he performed the theme song. He performs his street performance in New York City’s times square. He attended the University of Cincinnati and had a graduate degree in Political Science.

Personal life: Naked Cowboy

In 2013 he married a belly dancer named Patricia Cruz. Few Companies are copying his image. He is famous for his Several music videos like “short skirt/long jacket” by cake. He released an album named “Year of the Cowboy.”

Naked Cowboy


His net worth is around$4 a million. Most of his income Comes from his street performances, albums, and songwriting.

Brand Endorsements

The fruit of the loom sponsored cowboy; then, he switched to wearing boxer briefs. He plays guitar when he performs on the streets of New York.


Naked cowboy was into politics-Mayor of New York City and running for president of the United States. His performance reached globally.

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