Michelle Yeoh faced criticism for an Oscars-related Instagram post

Michelle Yeoh faced criticism for an Oscars-related Instagram post

After posting an article on Instagram that singled out Cate Blanchett, Michelle Yeoh, the Malaysian star, received criticism.

The caption of the Marvel actor’s post read: “This goes beyond me; it’s for every girl who looks like me… We desire attention. Our goal is to be heard.”

But after the post gained much attention, the actor decided to take it down.

Detractors would contend that Blanchett’s is the superior performance. However, it ought to get remembered that the seasoned actress has already won two Oscars (in 2005, for best supporting actress for her portrayal in The Aviator, and in 2014, for best actress for Blue Jasmine).

Her performances in the 1997’s  James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies and the martial arts movie 2000’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon brought her widespread acclaim.

She received a nomination for Best Actress at the BAFTAs for the latter role.  Michelle Yeoh experienced a career resurgence with a three-year (2017-2020) regular Star Trek: Discovery role. She got acclaimed for portraying Evelyn Wang in the 2022 movie Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Yeoh won the Screen Actors Guild Award as a female actor in a Leading Role for Outstanding Performance and the Golden Globe Award. She made history by becoming the first Malaysian nominated for an Academy Award in any category.

Michelle Yeoh
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The acting veteran is undeniably incredible as the prolific conductor Lydia Tár.

Michelle Yeoh shares (and then removes) a piece that questioned the historical racism of the Oscars

The 2023 Best Actress category has been fraught with controversy following the contentious nominations of Andrea Riseborough and Ana de Armas and the discussions surrounding Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler’s respective snubs.

And right now, two of its front-runners are at the center of yet another dubious election strategy.

Michelle Yeoh, the star of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” reposted a Vogue piece titled “It’s Been Over Two Decades Since We’ve Had a Non-White Best Actress Winner” on Tuesday. Via Instagram, she asked, “Will That Change In 2023?”

Only hours before the 2023’s Academy Awards(95th edition) on Sunday, March 12, voting for the position went online.

According to the Vogue article, winning an Oscar would “change Yeoh’s life: Her name would always be prefixed by the phrase “Academy Award winner.” And it should lead to her receiving meatier parts after a decade of being unjustly underutilized in Hollywood.”

Because it got shared right before the Oscar voting closed, The Daily Beast questioned whether Yeoh had broken the “Citations to Other Nominees” regulations by doing so.

Social media posts from those connected to an eligible film that “throw an unfavorable or derogatory light on a contending film or accomplishment will not be permitted,” according to the guideline, are prohibited.

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