Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson Net Worth: Income, Salary and Career Information.

It’s estimated that Michael Blackson’s net worth is $2 million. In 1992, he began performing in comedy clubs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, because he had a strong desire to make people laugh. As a famous comedian, he blends African American and Ghanaian cultural allusions to tell jokes in a Ghanaian accent.

What is Michael Blackson’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $2 Million
Name: Michael Blackson
Profession: Comedian, Actor
Age: 49
Born: November 28th, 1972
Country: Ghana
Salary: $250 Thousand (Annual)

Early years: Michael Blackson

On November 28th, 1972, in Tamale, Ghana, Jafari Ferguson was brought into the world. At the age of fifteen, Blackson emigrated to the United States of America in 1987. He lived in Ghana and Monrovia for several years before relocating to the United States in 2012. Since he was a youngster, Blackson has had a strong interest in comedy and acting. His parents were also theatre professionals.

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Eddie Murphy had a significant influence on him when it came to humor. His friend’s persistent encouragement and excitement prompted him to perform at a comedy club in Philadelphia for the very first time. The 1992 USA Comedy Central Tour, the 1993 Valley Forge Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour, and the 1996 New York City Urban Comedy Festival all saw him appear.


The Bay Area Black Comedy Competition in Oakland and Atlanta’s “Laffapolooza Comic Festival” were just two of the many local comedy clubs where Blackson appeared in the early 2000s. He was cast in Ice Cube’s Next Friday as the ‘Angry African Man,’ a Cubevision production, because of his celebrity and achievement. ‘Modasucka: Welcome to America’ was Blackson’s best-selling comedy CD, and he went on to star in ‘P Diddy’s Bad Boy of Comedy,’ ’30 Rock,’ and in a commercial for the Chappelle Show.

“Repos,” in 2007, and “One Night in Vegas,” in 2013, are two of his most well-known and financially successful films. TBS’s Are We There Yet? Featured him in 2011.

In addition to films, Blackson has appeared in several music videos, including Akon’s MV ‘Wakonda’ and BET’s The Monique Show. In addition, he participated in four seasons of Wild ‘n Out,’ one of television’s most popular comedies.

When developing his comedic writings, he draws inspiration from his experiences growing up in Ghana. Because of his relatable manner and ability to connect with a wide range of individuals, he attracts many viewers. Despite his exhaustion, he pursued his passion and persevered to perform humor without taking any rest. Blackson persevered in the face of adversity in the standup comedy industry because he had faith in himself. He became a star in the comedy business because of his exceptional talent.

Michael Blackson Life in the Private Sector

Michael Blackson’s three children from past relationships are all his own. Michael Jr., his eldest son, and Noah and Niko, his twins, are his other children. Michael is exceptionally protective of his children’s privacy and refuses to discuss them publicly. He takes his family’s well-being seriously, yet he keeps his private life apart from his public one. Regular life and privacy are his priorities for them.

Michael Blackson

His love life is in jeopardy due to his history of various relationships with different women. Georgia Reign, a Grammy-nominated singer, was his first love interest. After a brief courtship, the couple decided to call it quits. Blackson also had a short relationship with Victoria Kimani, but they broke up. He has proposed to Miss Rada, a social media personality he is presently seeing.


His opulence extends to a wide range of material possessions, from gold necklaces to sports vehicles, to name a few. He has a Rolls Royce Wraith, a MINI Countryman, a BMW F06, and a Fisker Karma, among other high-end automobiles. In addition to his standup performances, he makes a living by appearing in music videos and advertisements.

Comedian Blackson was one of the most dependable performers, and he never let the audience down. He became well-known and wealthy as a result of his tenacity and dedication. When other aspiring comedians were thrown out, he remained one of the few.

Michael Blackson has a net worth of around $2 million as of 2022. Attracting attention and gaining money is why he has been so successful. Michael is also a screenwriter, which implies that he has a unique ability to write humorous scripts.

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