Michael B Jordan meets an old classmate at the Creed III premiere

Michael B Jordan meets an old classmate at the Creed III premiere

At a recent “Creed III” premiere event, Michael B Jordan confronted a bully from his high school.

The host of “The Morning Hustle” radio show Lore’l said that she went to high school with Jordan and was one of several classmates who made fun of the then-aspiring actor for his name on a recent episode of her “Undressing Room” podcast.

The 36-year-old Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actor spoke with Morning Hustle presenter Lore’l, with whom he went to New Jersey’s Chad Science Academy in Newark when they were both teenagers.

Michael B Jordan began acting professionally at 12 and debuted before turning 16 on  Cosby, The Wire,  The Sopranos, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

He was a celebrity on the enduring  “All My Children” soap opera when he was old enough to obtain a driver’s license.

The actor had a conversation with the Good Morning America hosts last week.

“Despite your achievements, you never stop being hungry. You have this drive to achieve your full potential,”  the hosts mentioned. 

“Life is brief,” the Fantastic 4-star retorted.

He acknowledged that his parents had set an example for him by working hard. The Wakanda Forever actor added that he recognizes the pain of loss.

Michael B. Jordan
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“What’s so crazy, you ask? At one time, I went to school with Michael B. Jordan, Lore’l stated on the program (via NME).” And honestly, we often made fun of him because his name was Michael Jordan. To begin with, he wasn’t Michael B. Jordan.”

She said, “He also brought a headshot to school.” “The neighborhood is Newark, where we lived. What are you going to do with your stupid headshot!? We would mock him. And now, observe him!”

At the “Creed III” premiere, Jordan and Lore’l had a face-to-face encounter. She told the actor, “We go way back, all the way back to Chad Science [Academy] in Newark.”

“I was the annoying child. Oh yeah. Jordan reacted by mockingly calling her out.”

You did not hear me say that, you fool! I mentioned that we once made fun of the name,” Lore’l replied.

Michael B Jordan affirmed, “I heard it.” “I was informed. Everything is fine. What’s up?

The actor was subsequently informed by Lore’l, “But yeah, [you are] certainly murdering everything out here…”

“You have stopped being cheesy.”

Michael B. Jordan approaches an old classmate at the Creed III premiere
Source: Twitter

In addition to being Michael B. Jordan’s third time portraying boxing champion Adonis Creed, “Creed III” is his feature film directorial debut. The follow-up, which puts Jordan’s persona against Jonathan Majors, has received favorable reviews.

In his review for Variety, film critic Owen Gleiberman referred to the movie as a “rock solid sequel,” He also said that Jonathan Majors “once again demonstrates his mettle as Adonis’ foreboding friend-turned-boxing-foe… The film has a unique taste thanks to its star, Michael B. Jordan, who directs it with stunning first-time flair.”

On March 3, “Creed III” debuts in theaters nationwide.

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