Melanie Martinez will drop a new song "Death" on March 17

Melanie Martinez will drop a new song “Death” on March 17

The first track, “Death,” from the upcoming album “Portals” by Melanie Martinez, will get released on March 17, Friday.

Melanie Martinez, who last month announced her new album titled “Portals,” has now hinted that the album’s lead song will get released on Friday, March 17, much to the joy of fans.

Martinez revealed the title of the track, “Death,” in a cryptic Instagram post that appeared to provide the song’s lyrics. The article also included a picture of what appeared to be Martinez’s pinkish alien avatar emerging from a recumbent human shape.

Melanie Martinez will drop a new song "Death"
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With the publication of her third studio album, Melanie Martinez will make her first public appearance in four years. She posted a video of herself last month, emerging from an egg as a pink, deep-sea creature to go alongside the announcement. Martinez’s first record since letting go of her “Cry Baby” image is titled Portals, and it gets scheduled for release on March 31.

A new line of work for Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez gave us a character with a wide range of emotions when they released their debut album, Crybaby. They then sent her to school for grades K–12, where she encountered various people, engaged in a “Class Fight,” and did many other things.

Martinez said goodbye to “Cry Baby” last month in a popular TikTok video. “Cry Baby” (2015) was the alter ego child version of Martinez that appeared on her Cry Baby debut and follow-up albums as well as in the feature film K-12. Martinez performed what seemed to be a brand-new song while the image focused on the words “RIP Cry Baby” carved into a massive mushroom.

‘Portals’ caught the singer emerging from a big egg while a new song played, dressed in pink and sporting facial enhancements reminiscent of Shape of Water.

After her 2020 After School EP, which came with an extended version of her 2019’s LP K-12, Martinez will only release Portals in four years. 

“Drama Club,”  “Show & Tell,” and “Wheels on the Bus” were among the album’s songs.

Melanie Martinez is coming with a new album 'Portals.'
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The single “The Bakery” came with her follow-up After School EP.

Martinez deleted the Cry Baby identity from her Instagram account and teased “the hatching” of the new character they’ll play in Portals. Martinez has a lengthy history of pioneering music productions with strong visual elements.

Martinez took the artistic direction on her latest album is very different from that of her earlier works; it is much more abstract, ethereal, and mystical.

In 201’s 9 “K-12”  and  2015’s “Cry Baby,” Martinez also plays a new character, a pinkish alien creature that many fans speculate is a resurrection of her earlier Cry Baby avatar.

The album got first hinted at in a video clip that featured a pink extraterrestrial monster hatching from a massive egg beneath a mushroom tree in a mysterious jungle.

The subject of embryos, her pink creature developing in the womb, and a broader concept of death and rebirth are all explored in other videos on her Instagram account.

What is the theme of Melanie Martinez’s new song “Death”?

There isn’t much information available about the song, “Death,” other than the fact that it will get released on Friday, March 17, and the enigmatic caption, which carries over the themes of life, death, and rebirth from the other Instagram posts.

“What is inexplicable to us as people, Is home to us as souls, Death is life is life is death,” the lone announcement post sounds.

The artistic direction by Martinez on her latest album is very different from that of her earlier works; it is much more creative, dreamy, and mystical.

Melanie Martinez
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On February 22, Martinez posted on her Instagram account that “Portals” would get released. Fans eager to get their hands on a vinyl edition of the album may pre-order it on Martinez’s website today. It will be released on March 31, Friday. There are many different colors and patterns of vinyl to pick from.

Moreover, the album can be pre-added to Apple Music or Spotify.

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