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Manifest season 4: Manifest is a supernatural drama television series.

The story revolves around the passengers & crew members of an airliner which suddenly re-appear after being taken for deceased, for more than five and a half years.

Montego Air Flight 828 experienced severe turbulence briefly while in the air from Jamaica to New York City.

When the flight lands in New York, the 191 passengers and crew learned that its been more than five and a half years had passed; this entire time, they all were presumed dead.

As they rejoin their communities, families & friends again, the passengers face the hard fact that their own lives & loved one’s lives are not the same as it was before the flight incident.

They also begin to hear voices referred to as callings which guide them to do certain tasks.  


Season one of Manifest explores what happens when a commercial flight full of passengers disappears from the radar, only to resurface five and a half years later.

The passenger’s ordeal was the severe turbulence they felt while on the flight; they didn’t experience any time-lapse. While this entire time, their loved ones presumed them to be dead.

The flight finally lands in New York City, only to passengers’ horror that it landed after five and a half years, where their loved ones were living their lives without them.

As passengers reunite with their respective families, they face that neither their lives nor their loved ones are the same.

Things changed in this time-lapse that passengers didn’t feel at all.

Michaela has to accept the fact that Jared married her best friend; while Ben is helping out a fellow passenger from the flight to reunite with his son.

Ben struggles to accept the life his wife Grace led in his absence.

Ben’s kids grapple with being twins after five and a half years apart is harder.

The passengers hear voices that are referred to as callings. Michaela starts hearing the voices; these voices guide Michaela to act in ways she doesn’t understand.

It was a good start for this compelling concept. Manifest will find its audiences in those who enjoy stories that witness higher power. 

Manifest season two kicked the drama and suspense up a notch; it jumps right back in the right after the cliffhanging ending to season one.

At the end of the previous season, passengers found out that however long they were disappeared, that’s how long they have left to live, and the way you died the first time is how you die when your time is up.

Season two starts with the night flight 828 disappeared. Ben has been tracking down all the passengers he hasn’t met yet to try and figure out the death date.

Michaela gets a calling about a couple on flight 828; She teams up with Ben to solve this mystery.

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Ben & Michaela reach the couple’s house only to find out that they have been missing for a week.

The housekeeper informs Ben & Michaela about their Calling and reveals that they were neither religious nor anything. Ben is offered a job at a college.

The story of this season takes on several varied forms as the series struggles to settle on a consistent antagonist. Several different antagonists rise & fall away immediately.

The Major & the three-drug dealers take center stage throughout the season.

Apart from a few key plot points, there is no explanation to the Callings, no resolution to characters’ issues, and nowhere near finding out what happened to Flight 828.  

Season three of Manifest adds a new twist to the story; everyone has been guessing what happened to the 828 passengers.

The twist came when a piece of the plane, the tailfin, was found in the waters off the coast of Havana, Cuba.

The characters are running against the clock to fulfill their callings while doubting whether they are doing truly good or part of something evil.

The people in the community are divided into two sides some who think that passengers of 828 who came back are resurrected saviors and others who think they are inhumane and out to hurt people.

Things keep disappearing and reappearing; the audiences are meant to suspend their disbelief.

There are just too many twists without any clear resolutions. The multiple deaths, blood, and darkness are more prevalent in this season.  



Manifest was aired on NBC in the US in 2018. NBC asked to make more episodes and finish season one.

NBC renewed the show for another season and aired it in 2020, and then a third which aired in 2021.

After airing three seasons network took the decision to pull off the series and terminate it.

The series was aired on Netflix, NBC decided to wrap up the show for good, the series pulled in the viewership and the watching numbers increased favorably, which Netflix took note of and decided to renew Manifest for a final season that would have twenty episodes.

It is a possibility that Netflix will produce the show themselves.

The first three seasons were aired on NBC entirely; Manifest season 4 will be exclusively released on Netflix.

Manifest season 4 will try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The passengers of 828 have found new information that could come in handy in the investigation.

Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, and others have to figure out what has happened to the passengers of flight 828 in a race against time and how they can save themselves before the time limit on their second chance expires.  


Q:  Is there a Manifest season 4?  

A: Manifest is coming back for fourth & last season on Netflix. The announcement was made in August 2021. The last season will be exclusively available on Netflix.  

Q: Is it true that Manifest based on an actual event in history?  

A: Manifest is not based on any true event but loosely connected to the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which baffled people all over, when the story came out in March 2014.  

Q:What happened to the plane in Manifest?  

A: The plane took off from Jamaica for New York City; it experienced severe turbulence but landed safely. Multiple conspiracy theories are suggested for the late arrival of flight 828 at New York airport, including time portal travel / teleport. Some people said that passengers came from different dimension where in one dimension the plane crashed while in another dimension it landed after five and a half years later. 

Q: How many episodes in Manifest season 4?

A: Manifest season 4 and last season will be a total of 20 episodes which will be split. They have finished filming the first half already.  

Q: Will Netflix pick up Manifest?  

A: After NBC canceled the drama, Netflix picked up Manifest for its final season.   

Q: What are the Callings in Manifest?  

A: The Callings send messages to their past selves to help others in the present. There’s a belief that the Callings come from a source attempting to prevent the apocalypse. Many people who hear the Calling have special skills which play an instrumental role in preventing the end of days.  

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