'Like a Virgin' has just 2M units more sell than The Fame Monster

‘Like a Virgin’ has just 2M units more sell than The Fame Monster

‘Like a Virgin,’ the career-changing song of Madonna, will soon be surpassed in selling units by Lady Gaga’s blockbuster album ‘The Fame Monster.’

Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster” has reportedly sold more than 38 million SPS units worldwide, according to Chartmasters. Only 2M units separate the smash album from Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and the seventh-largest female album of all time.

Some Details about ‘The Fame Monster,’ by Lady Gaga

The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga
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The Fame Monster, a sequel of  The Fame (2008), American singer Lady Gaga’s first studio album, was distributed by Interscope Records on November 18, 2009. Interscope later chose to release the eight new tracks as a solo EP in some markets, even though the album’s initial release was only intended to be a deluxe edition reissue of The Fame.

Additionally, Gaga said the albums were conceptually distinct and that a re-release would be too expensive. She compared the albums to yin and yang. Eight brand-new songs are included in the deluxe edition’s double album, including The Fame on its second disc. On December 15, 2009, a super deluxe edition with extra content—including a lock from Lady Gaga’s wig—was made available.

Music critics had a generally favorable opinion of The Fame Monster. In other nations, the album charted as The Fame, reaching number one in  Belgium, Australia,  Finland, New Zealand, and Poland.

The EP topped the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart and reached fifth on Billboard 200. Since the album’s debut, it has garnered numerous accolades.

It received nominations for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in six categories, featuring Gaga’s second consecutive nomination for Album of the Year. Three awards were given, including Best Pop Vocal Album.


'Like a Virgin' by Madonna
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Madonna, an American singer, released the song “Like a Virgin” from her second studio album (1984). Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly collaborated on its composition and writing.

Like A Virgin, a controversial and popular song, catapulted Madonna into the top division. Each US record, the soon-to-be “Queen Of Pop” released in 1984, performed better than the one before, raising her profile steadily.

Madonna was upset that the new music she and producer Nile Rodgers had produced was pushed back in the schedules after Borderline. Then Lucky Star, both taken from her self-titled debut album, refused to release their hold on MTV’s heavy rotation and pop radio playlists.

Her second album, which was supposed to be released that summer, had to be delayed until November, but she made the most of the extra time.

A demo recording of Kelly was played for Warner Bros. executive Michael Ostin, who suggested Madonna record it. Nile Rodgers of Chic was in charge of production while recording in New York’s Power Station.

The song’s lack of a powerful hook first made Rodgers decide against recording it, but he later changed his mind. On November 6, 1984, it came out as the album’s lead single.

When “Like a Virgin” was first released, music journalists gave favorable reviews, particularly praising Madonna’s voice. “Like a Virgin” has sold more than six million copies worldwide and became her first song to touch the apex on the Billboard Hot 100.

It also came to the first position on the Australian and Canadian charts and reached the top ten in other countries. The accompanying music video, which Mary Lambert directed, had Madonna walking around a castle while wearing a white bridal dress and riding a gondola through the canals of Venice.

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The video garnered favorable reviews; reviewers praised the portrayal of Venetian vibrancy and called attention to connections to Saint Mark.

The song’s performance at the first MTV Video Music Awards has been hailed as a defining moment in pop culture and one of the best performances in the show’s history.

Madonna has included “Like a Virgin” in seven concert tours, the most recent being the Rebel Heart Tour in 2015-2016. “Weird Al” Yankovic  and Elton John are only two artists that have recorded or mocked the song “Like a Virgin.”

Additionally, it has been sung or alluded to in several movies and TV shows, including 1992’s Reservoir Dogs, 2001’s Moulin Rouge!, and 2010’s Glee. In addition to being one of Madonna’s best songs and the song that made her famous, “Like a Virgin” is also acknowledged for inspiring women of the era and female entertainers to embrace their sexuality.

Madonna now claims that she was only vaguely aware of the significance of Like A Virgin and its follow-up, Material Girl. Years ago, their humorous caricature portrayed her as a particular kind of artist.

But she continued to deliver that image to audiences in increasingly provocative ways. Madonna’s pop instinct was on point from the beginning, but her sense of humor was far superior.

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