Levi  Ackerman stole fans' hearts in Part 3 of Attack On Titan 4

Levi  Ackerman stole fans’ hearts in Part 3 of Attack On Titan 4

The Attack on Titan anime’s official Twitter account of the series has shared a brand-new image starring captain Levi Ackerman.

Fans of Attack on Titan may now end their wait because Part 3 of the Final Season will come on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at 12:25 JST.

Fans who have been waiting for years to see the dramatic conclusion to this epic narrative are looking forward to the series climax with great anticipation.

Even though the first episode of the season’s finale will be available on Saturday, this is just the start of what promises to be a grand adventure.

This chic character image provides a sneak peek at Levi Ackerman for the concluding arc, which debuted yesterday, March 3.

His damaged face gets wrapped in bandages after being struck by an explosion from a Thunder Spear.

Captain Levi of the Scout Regiment suffered terrible injuries from a fight with Zeke Yeager near the end of the previous chapter. He escaped the trap he had set for Zeke, which was meant to stop him from mending his wounds.

Levi eventually emerged from the scars that stretched over his forehead and right eye. The pointer and middle fingers on his right hand, which initially stopped him from moving uncontrollably, have both been wounded when Hange discovered him.

Levi took the help of  Hange to recover from terrible wounds, enabling him to participate in the fight against the Titan army. Once Zeke’s injuries had healed, Levi Ackerman appeared on the scene in one of the memorable entrances and engaged him in a duel to stop the damage he had inflicted.

Levi Ackerman
Source: Twitter

The final Season of the anime series,  Attack on Titan, was split into two parts due to the amount of work required; the first aired on March 3, and the second will follow later in 2023.

The novel’s action takes place after  Wall Titans by King Karl Fritz, led by Eren Yeager, were granted unbridled power during a military coup.

Eren believes that committing genocide with the help of him and his army of Titans is the most effective way to rid the earth of humans.

He also thinks that the people of the Eldian nation can survive outside the walls in the case of his fury.

Mikasa and Armin, two of Eren’s closest friends, will try to stop him from killing innocent people.

Attack on Titan's Levi Ackerman
Source: Twitter

Fans have got notified that part 1 of the hour-long special will be split into three episodes by Crunchyroll.

The release schedule for Part 3 of Attack on Titan Final Season differs based on your time zone for those eagerly anticipating its release. On March 4, 2023, at 12:25 JST, local Japanese networks are scheduled to air the release. Depending on their region and time zone, some international viewers could see the episode given access on Friday morning.

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