Kim Taehyung (V) returns to Instagram with new pics: fans got a frenzy

Kim Taehyung (V) returns to Instagram with new pics: fans got a frenzy

Kim Taehyung, aka V, has returned to Instagram after being offline for over 70 days with yet another photo upload for the fans.

In 3 hours and 4 minutes, Kim Taehyung’s most recent post received 5 million likes.

Unlike some of his other band members, Taehyung rarely posts on Instagram, even though he does so to check in on the ARMY’s members.

The BTS star, better known by his stage name V, has returned and revealed yet another collection of unfiltered experiences from his life. Get ready for Kim Taehyung’s Paris behind-the-scenes and perhaps even some hints about his solo.

The collection of nine pictures features everything from a close-up of his beautiful appearance to an adorable video of a young girl singing with his father, demonstrating his undeniable fondness for kids.

Kim Taeyung (V)
Source: Twitter

Kim Taehyung demonstrated in one image from the gallery unload why he is regarded as one of the group’s most attractive members; V may get seen wearing a monochrome dress in the detailed black-and-white image, standing out in contrast to the folks in the background.

Although relaxing on a couch at what appears to be a grand event, the vocalist is the one who commands all of the attention in the photograph.

In other pictures, a BTS member can see gazing out of a wide window at a gorgeous green scenery extending out in front of him. V is captured from what appears to be another perspective of the same image, this time looking out the window.

These pictures already gave the impression that something was developing behind the scenes.

The recent Instagram images of  Kim Taehyung
Source: Twitter

But, a photo that appears to show Kim Taehyung on the set of a music video shoot grabbed the eye of some ARMY members. The smoke and the starry night sky undoubtedly look like they may be from a music video, with many people gathered in a sandy area.

Many Twitter followers questioned whether the vocalist was giving away information about his debut solo album, which they have called KTH1.

Whether the BTS vocalist would release his solo album is still being determined. It will be his first time performing by himself if he is successful.

He will follow in the footsteps of his groupmates Jung Hoseok (commonly known as J-Hope), who released Jack in the Box in 2022, and Kim Namjoon’s (also known as RM) Indigo, which was also published that year.

While Park Jimin will make his solo debut on March 24 with FACE, Min Yoongi (better known as Suga) is about to embark on his first solo tour.

When BIGHIT MUSIC released a statement and published information on J-Hope getting ready for his required military service, members of the ARMY got likewise taken aback.

The K-pop artist has already begun the process of ending the postponement of his military enlistment. He will become the second member, after Kim Seokjin, to enlist.

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