Kim Seokjin will enlist in the ARMY on December 13.

Kim Seokjin will enlist in the ARMY on December 13.

Celebrated South Korean singer BTS Jin, aka Kim Seokjin, confirmed to join the ARMY by next month on December 13, 2022, and he requested Army not to come to the boot camp as it would be dangerous.

RM, the BTS leader, shared energizing new idea photographs for his upcoming album Indigo and gave his all to keep the ARMY joyful; the most recent news concerning Jin’s selection date has prompted a lot of trouble on social media platforms. As indicated by K-Media reports, the performer should enroll by December 13, nine days after his 30th birthday. The recruit instructional center is in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-Do.

Jean stated, “there is an article that I didn’t want, but ARMY can’t come to the training center…..There are a lot of people besides me, so it could be dangerous because it’s crowded. ARMY, I love you.”

If this is the specific time frame, Jin will be released on June 13, 2024. Fans determined it would be precisely eleven years after Seokjin entered the K-Pop scene as an icon. Big Hit Music explained to Newsen that it was difficult to affirm. They requested people’s understanding.

Jin, popularly known as Kim Seokjin, did a live meeting some time back. He said he didn’t wish to enroll in that frame of mind of the frosty climate. Jin said that he realized he was being scrutinized via social media for deferring his enrollment. However, he was, at any rate, going to go.

In October, Kim Seokjin bid a sensational farewell to the ARMY in Argentina concert, and there he sang Astronaut with Coldplay. He had uncovered that he had plans to pursue the arrival of their album BE in 2020. However, he remained on after the success of Permission To Dance and Butter, regardless of getting a lot of disdain.

Jin said that the members advised him to remain for the On the way show in Busan, their last show as O7 before they refocused in 2025. He said he didn’t believe fans should get close to home and feel the hurt. Furthermore, Seokjin said it would be extreme to contain his sentiments, and he might have begun crying.

BTS Jin is the oldest Hyung of BTS. Before leaving, he made a point to film loads of content for the fans. From a drinking show with Youngji to customary liquor-making with Baek Dong Won, the chief, he has been buckling down. He will almost certainly be sent to the front line, known for its frosty winters.

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