Karol G released her track 'X Si Volvemos' with Romeo Santos

Karol G released her track ‘X Si Volvemos’ with Romeo Santos

Karol G and Romeo Santos collaborated on the song “X Si Volvemos,” which was released on February 2, Thursday. The artists in the sensual reggaeton bop lament a broken relationship while keeping the door open because “Before we go, let’s do it one last time. It didn’t work out; we gave it us all. Although our relationship didn’t work out, we can still connect with each other in bed;” they sang.

On her own, Karol had previously recorded the song—which Ovy produced on the Drums—and posted a teaser to TikTok. According to a statement, she then decided Santos would be a fantastic songwriting partner and gave him a call to extend an invitation.

After that, he revealed to her that he had heard the song on TikTok and had created a video using the audio to post to his social media earlier this week.

Only a week has passed since the Colombian superstar revealed the name of her upcoming fourth studio album: Maana Será Bonito. The stunning announcement published on January 25 states that the set would be released “soon.”

She said on social media, “Finally, finally.” “Today, I’m announcing a project to which I’ve given a lot of love and time. Maana Será Bonito (Tomorrow Will Be Pretty) applies to me and everyone else.”

Karol G can be seen driving in Medelln when a small message with the words “Since you’re sad, call me” appears on the windscreen. When she calls, a child answers and offers her opportunities such as singing at a concert, writing a letter to Santa Claus, or even recording her version of the famous song “La Jeepeta.”

The title of her eagerly awaited fourth studio album is Maana Será Bonito. It will come after her KG0516, which earned Karol her first No. 1 ranking on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums and got nominated for a 2021 Grammy. The collection had the best week for a Latin album by a woman since El Dorado by Shakira in 2017.

The singer of “Provenza” most recently earned the top spot on Billboard’s Top Latin Artists in 2022- Female chart for a fourth year. She was the only female artist in the top 10 and was No. 2 on the Top Latin Artists chart.

Below, you can enjoy the music video of “X Si Volvemos” with Romeo Santos.

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