Jungkook featured Fahad Al Kubaisi in fan-favorite MV Dreamers

Jungkook featured Fahad Al Kubaisi in fan-favorite MV Dreamers

Jungkook featured Fahad Al Kubaisi in the music video ‘Dreamers’; fans praised Kubaisi for singing ‘Dreamers’ in his verse.

More About Dreamers by Jungkook & Fahad Al Kubaisi

Source: Twitter

Jungkook, a South Korean singer & a member of the boy band BTS, released the song “Dreamers” in 2022. The music, a part of the official soundtrack for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, was made available on November 20 to coincide with the tournament’s first game and opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony participation of Jungkook was revealed by his management company Big Hit Music on November 19 via Weverse. The following day, a video hints at his future performance on FIFA’s official Twitter account.  During the performance, Fahad Al Kubaisi donning Qatari attire, joined Jungkook, who was initially dressed in an all-black suit and was flanked by background dancers.

BTS’ official account published the behind-the-scenes video of Jungkook’s Dreamers music video shoot in Qatar on December 26, 2022. Fans can see the whole photography process and the maknae working with a large group of dancers on a beautiful day in the video.

Why the MV of Dreamers became a fan favorite?

Fans can see the crew fixing Jungkook’s makeup at the beginning of the video. The following clip shows the golden maknae taking notes for the shoot. The Virgo in him wasn’t happy enough with one of the dance routines to include it in the video’s final cut.

Fans particularly admired Jeon Jung-kook’s professionalism and perfectionist tendencies, which pushed him to perform better in each scene. He explained that he urged them to act “one more take” because he wasn’t entirely satisfied with the results of the previous takes.

The crew is much more enthusiastic as the filming moves along, and they all continue to work hard despite the intense heat.

Some BTS supporters were concerned but proud of the member’s commitment to working hard despite the heat. Internet users also commended the employees for working beside him in such heat and providing all of the cooling fans.

Image: Jungkook & Fahad Al Kubaisi, Source: Twitter

People enjoyed observing Jungkook’s response and awe at the magnificent bird. Fans also commended the co-singer Fahad Al Kubaisi for embracing their golden maknae and collaborating on the song for the World Cup of football.

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