Julie and the Phantoms Season 2: Do you think there’ll be Another Season?

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 of a show about a long-dead band finding new life via music was highly anticipated by fans.

In spite of Kenny Ortega’s success with High School Musical and Descendants, it appears the show was cancelled before its time.

What’s going on? The facts are as follows:

What happened to in Julie and the Phantoms season two?

Season One of Julie and the Phantoms, which premiered in September 2020, was an instant hit with both children and adults.

With a victory against other artists including WandaVision and Beyonc√©’s “Brown Skin Girl,” “Edge of Great” won Best Musical Moment at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2021 for the show’s song “Edge of Great.

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Kenny Ortega has made it plain in interviews that he desired Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 of the show, making it a foregone conclusion.

I like the notion of it, Ortega said (via PopSugar). Heart, magic, surprise, action, surprise, action, and adventure are some of the things that get me pumped up about the prospect of taking on a new project. With all of these motivating factors, I’m eager to get started on anything new.

Shawn Williamson, the film’s producer, claims that “I think they’ve done a good job of preparing them for the upcoming season. The showrunners, Dan Cross and Dave Hoge, were outstanding. And I’m confident that the second season will live up to or surpass the first.” I know the second season will be even better than the first,” Williamson told CinemaBlend.

Then again, there was absolutely nothing. In no time, Netflix’s social media channels were swamped with requests for updates from fans, who weren’t going to stop until they had their way. When I last heard anything about the future, it was more than a year ago.

In December of 2021, Netflix announced that the programme has been cancelled.

Behind-the-scenes photographs were released by Kenny Ortega on Instagram “Since our premiere, we’ve received a tremendous amount of love and support from Julie and the Phantoms fans all around the world. Thank you very much.

There is no more Netflix season for us to watch this week.. Even though we’re heartbroken to say goodbye to Julie, we can’t help but reflect on the family we built together while creating her. Thanks for following along on our professional and personal journeys.

According to People, he went on to state the following: “There was disappointment, hurt, and even agony. The chat came to an end with me saying something like: “Julie and you will always be in my thoughts and in my heart no matter what happens in the future. I will continue to build programmes with your name on it.”.”

It wasn’t all bad news for the show’s fans: They didn’t give up hope that they could pull off a Lucifer and revive the series.

The #SaveJATP hashtag was trending on Twitter in no time, and a website was set up to allow fans to contact Netflix, including a petition with more than 180,000 signatures and a GoFundMe page to help pay billboards and messages throughout the world.

Even as of April 2022, it hasn’t worked.

It’s hard to imagine who might have featured in Julie and the Phantoms’ second season.

If the show had been revived, Madison Reyes would have returned to reprise her role as Julie.

Luke, Reggie, and Alex of the phantom band are working with Julie to make it big, as are Luke’s guitar, Reggie’s bass, and Alex’s drums.

Jadah Marie and Savannah May would have returned to the show as well as Cheyenne Jackson and Booboo Stewart.

In the absence of Julie and the Phantoms, who knows what may have happened.

Only days before the programme was cancelled, executive producers David Hoge and Dan Cross spoke to TVLine about the following: “If we’re awarded a second season, we’ll have a lot to look forward to. They’ve wanted to share their music with the world since they were small children. To put it simply, they want to build a personal connection with their audience.

No matter what it takes to be remembered for their music, as you saw at the very end, there are still many obstacles along the road. Added to this, it appears that the inner circle has encountered a “obstacle.”

The performers had their own hopes and desires for the story’s ending.

Jeremy Shada reflected on his first season experiences after learning so much: “In Julie and the Phantoms Season 2, I’m eager to see the music set pieces that we’ve worked so hard on, now that we’ve struck the ground running. Let’s take it to the next level, will we? “to the Tiger Beat website. “In the first season, we had so much to learn.”

‘It’s important to me that we include more Latino culture on the show!’ I was struck by how much her home and wardrobe already show how much of a cultural influence Julie has,’ Madison Reyes observed. ‘

First, we learn how to teleport, then Caleb becomes this master of ghosts who can levitate and make people appear and disappear. That’d be something to remember!” Astonishingly, Charlie Gillespie said.

Season 1 established that our zombie buddies were on Earth to do some unfinished business. There were still some loose ends at the end of the first season of the show.

At the end of season one, Caleb Covington took over Nick’s body for what we can only presume were malicious purposes. So we’ll never know what he plans to do.

After the season one cliffhanger, a more in-depth look at the love triangle involving Luke, Nick, and Rachel would have been appropriate.

I’m talking to E right now! I’m eager to see where the relationship between Julie and Luke develops, especially because it wasn’t your typical “Girl meets man, guy and girl fall in love.”” Reyes says “in this case To get to this point, we had to put up with a lot of struggle and endurance.

“However, they are able to care for one another regardless of what the rest of the world thinks because they view each other as a reflection of their true selves. This is very amazing to witness.

It’s crucial for younger people to understand that you don’t have to rush things and that you should take your time and get to know a person. Also, while it’s important to pay attention to what others have to say, you should follow your heart if it so leads.”