John Boyega is excellent as Finn for the Star Wars animated series

John Boyega is excellent as Finn for the Star Wars animated series

One of the main protagonists in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, John Boyega, has spoken about how he feels Episode IX left off Finn.

Although he is unsatisfied with the character’s path, John Boyega, who played the former stormtrooper turned rebel Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, is “comfortable” with it.

In the promotional materials for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Finn was positioned as the main character and even shown holding a lightsaber.

The changeover let down several viewers to Rey as the prominent Jedi of the trilogy and Finn’s somewhat disappointing character journey. That became one of the sequel trilogy’s most contentious and divisive elements.

John Boyega has spoken frequently about Finn’s character growth in the years after the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. He remembers Finn’s story concluding with Rey and Poe Dameron hugging him in a recent interview with The Times.

John Boyega considers his involvement in “STAR WARS”:

“For me, ‘Star Wars’ has made the man. As you move through the industry, your experiences—the good, bad, ugly, and joyful times—make you who you are.”

John Boyega
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Boyega has expressed his displeasure with how Lucasfilm handled Finn in the sequel trilogy. Boyega has agreed with many viewers’ complaints that Finn shouldn’t have been introduced as a potential Jedi and then written off, so it makes sense that he wants to move on. Boyega’s statement that he was content with the resolution of Finn’s journey and can now concentrate on watching Star Wars as a fellow fan seems to be his approach to doing that.

Will John Boyega Ever Make a Comeback as Finn?

Of course, as with every character in a sequel since 2019, the central question is whether Finn will appear in upcoming Star Wars films or television series.

There are still a lot of story possibilities for the heroes of the sequel, even if  John  Boyega has frequently claimed he wants to let the character of Finn lie and is not likely to return.

A new Jedi Order that explores both the characters and the galaxy after the sequels are something that many viewers expect to see Rey and Finn leading in the future.

John Boyega and Naomi Ackie as Finn and Jannah respectively
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While there is no clear information about Lucasfilm’s post-sequel era plots, it is doubtful that a franchise as vast as Star Wars would overlook the story potential for such a significant portion of the series.

Some influential forthcoming Star Wars movies and programming may be unveiled when the Star Wars Celebration returns in April 2023.

It will be evident that Lucasfilm has discovered a story and character arc for Finn that has persuaded Boyega to return to the Star Wars property after years of adamantly stating he will not be going back to a galaxy far away. If one of these centers on the character of Finn in any way.

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