Jisoo surpassed BLACKPINK & TWICE with 1.24M pre-orders of her debut album 'ME'

Jisoo surpassed BLACKPINK & TWICE with 1.24M pre-orders of her debut album ‘ME’

As of March 27, YG Entertainment reported that  “ME,” the solo debut album by  Jisoo, has more than 1.24 million pre-orders, three weeks after pre-orders originally opened. That is the highest total figure for a single album by a female Korean pop soloist.

Jisoo beats large and well-known girl groups like her own group BLACKPINK &  TWICE to touch this milestone. Best wishes to Jisoo!

BLACKPINK has a record of 1.02M pre-orders for “The Album,” while another famous girls’ group from South Korea, TWICE, has 1M pre-orders for “BETWEEN 1& 2.”

Jisoo releases a lovely lyric poster for “FLOWER,”  her solo debut song

Jisoo, a member of  BLACKPINK, has been teasing her fans about her upcoming solo debut and keeping them at the forefront of their thoughts. She has now shared a lyric poster to tease them further. The Korean pop sensation has been teasing her fans with teasers and sneak peeks of her solo project for some time now.

The BLACKPINK star debuted a magnificent lyric poster for her solo debut song, “FLOWER,” on her social media accounts. It contains a stunning photo of Jisoo wearing light makeup and the words of her much-awaited debut song. Unsurprisingly, Jisoo’s beauty and talent have left fans in awe of the poster, with many using social media to share their excitement for her.

Jisoo posted lyric poster for her single, 'FLOWER.'
Source: Twitter

Jisoo has won over fans worldwide with her exceptional talent and endearing personality, and her solo debut will be a huge success.

The release of her debut album, “ME,” on March 31 gets anticipated to be a delight for her fans. It will show off a different side of her while highlighting her versatility as an artist and her distinctive style.

Jisoo performs in acting roles, is a committed member of BLACKPINK and participates in all activities. She has appeared in music videos for songs by members of her label, including  “I’m Different” by Suhyun and Epik High’s “Spoiler + Happen Ending.”

Jisoo's debut album, 'ME.'
Source: Twitter

The BLACKPINK star revealed the tracklist of her debut album, ‘ME’

On March 27, Monday, Jisoo released the tracklist for her solo debut album ME. The singer shared the names of two songs that will be on her album on her Instagram account. FLOWER’s title track was one of them, released on March 20. The other song is called All Eyes On Me. The album bears the writing credits of Teddy, Vince, and others.

Jisoo released the tracklist for her solo debut album ME
Source: Twitter

Along with the track names, she also revealed a brand-new poster with the singer drawing back a sheer red curtain while wearing a black dress and a black leather hat and sporting a red lips.

Jisoo has established herself as a formidable force in the K-pop business with her extraordinary talent, originality, breathtaking visuals, potent vocals, and remarkable dance abilities. Prepare to be astounded by her incredible talent.

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