Jimin of BTS will drop "Set Me Free Pt.2," his exclusive new single today

Jimin of BTS will drop “Set Me Free Pt.2,” his exclusive new single today

The Korean-pop star & a BTS member, Jimin, explores “Set Me Free Pt.2,” his newest song, before his first solo album, FACE.

When asked about the music video for “Set Me Free Part. 2,” Jimin smiles in a way that can only be described as mischievous. The dynamic pre-release single for his next solo project, FACE, due on March 24th, is the focus of the vocalist, the dancer,  and the BTS member’s talk with Consequence over Zoom.

At HYBE’s office in Seoul, Jimin sports an oversized bomber jacket and his go-to bucket hat. He exhibits the range in conversation that many associates with his stage presence — he is simultaneously humorous, happy, and conversational, equally thoughtful and earnest in observations of his work.

The release of FACE will see Jimin uniquely taking centre stage. Like other BTS members, Jimin has many individual tunes throughout the band’s extensive repertoire. Nevertheless, this album is his first solo endeavour. It is described as “a new beginning point” by him.

Although Jimin doesn’t currently have any songs to his credit with the title “Set Me Free,” many people observed that this pre-release single got categorised as “Pt.2” when the track list for the album got publicly disclosed. He confirms it refers to a song on D-2, the second August D mixtape by bandmate SUGA. He says, “There’s no relationship, and we were not trying to split part one from part two.”

Devoted followers and anybody who has had the good fortune to watch BTS live are aware of Jimin’s unique gift. His ballet and contemporary dance training helped him develop a mesmerising theatrical presence. People are stopped in their tracks by his vocal style.

"Set Me Free Pt.2,"  by Jimin
Source; Twitter

He’s the next band member to release solo music, and it wasn’t a task he took lightly. The members were quite anxious before releasing their solo albums. However, Jimin says that the records’ sales were fantastic compared to those feelings.

The hip-hop song “Set Me Free Pt. 2” concerns his resolve to move forward without being constrained by negative emotions like pain, grief, and hollowness.

Big horns, the chorus as mentioned above, strong lyrics, and a severe beat are all present in “Set Me Free Pt.2,” a song that boldly heralds Jimin’s solo debut. The decision to open the album “Face” with this track, which serves as its climax, came premeditated, just like every other choice made throughout the recording process.

Enjoy Jimin’s Detailed overview of the primary ideas behind “Set Me Free Pt.2” below and listen to the song.

First, we concentrated on the performance and conveyed the song’s compelling feel. Freedom was the essential concept, and we were drinking at the time. That is the final song on the CD and the last of the feelings. 

Jimin made his septet debut in 2013, and since then, his solo songs “Serendipity,”  “Lie,” and “With You,” the last of which gets used on the soundtrack for the well-liked tvN drama “Our Blues,” have displayed his distinctive colours.

He most recently worked on “Vibe” alongside Taeyang, the frontman for BIGBANG.

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