Jimin from BTS unveiled a new poster for the pre-release song "Set Me Free Pt.2"

Jimin from BTS unveiled a new poster for the pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2”

For his upcoming pre-release song, “Let Me Free Pt.2,” Jimin has just released a poster. A competition called “My favorite FACE of Jimin” will be held to celebrate the release.

As was previously observed, Jimin is preparing to release his debut solo album, “FACE.” This new poster states that he will also debut the pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2.” The grey layout of the poster communicates a hip and current concept.

The album will get published on March 24, and the track will drop on March 17 at 12 AM EDT/ 1 PM KST.

The fifth song on Jimin’s upcoming album “Face,” which will include six songs, is called Set Me Free Pt. 2. Even. At the same time, no official collaborations have been made public; RM and Pdogg, the music producer for BTS, contributed to Jimin’s upcoming release “Face” in the production department.

On Jimin’s debut album, “Face,” there is a pre-release song called “Set Me Free Pt. 2”.  Music Producers Pdogg of BTS and GHSTLOOP of South Korea were confirmed as working on the track.

Source: Twitter

Jimin and Supreme Boi are co-producers for the song and the performers above. The album’s creation also involved Chris James, Evan, BLVSH, and BTS member RM.

In the past year, Jimin has released solo music, making him the fourth member of BTS to do so. Last year  J-Hope released Jack in the Box, which included the songs “More” and “Arson.”

Jin released “The Astronaut” with Coldplay the previous fall, and RM published his debut solo album Indigo in December.

The band takes a break while each member completes their military service in South Korea. BTS fans are anticipating that the band will come back together in 2025.

SNS will organize a ‘My favorite FACE of Jimin’ contest for BTS fans

The public has just got informed about a contest on  SNS, the BTS’ official. The competition, “My favorite FACE of Jimin,” was organized to honor Jimin’s impending solo debut.

Participants in the competition have to use the concept art for Jimin’s upcoming album as a starting point for their chosen fan art.

Wallpaper and concept photo decorations are acceptable fan art forms for this competition. Fans must upload the artwork to BTS Weverse using the hashtag #My favorite FACE of Jimin.

According to the official announcement of the contest’s rules, participants’ chances of winning will rise if they expound on their affection for Jimin in the relevant post.

Fifty winners of the competition will each receive an exclusive photocard! The fans’ anticipation for Jimin’s next album, “Face,” has been increased by the simultaneous release of a teaser image and contest announcement.

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