Jeonghan from Seventeen looked amazing at Paris Fashion Week

Jeonghan from Seventeen looked amazing at Paris Fashion Week

Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN attended the Saint Laurent Fall Fashion show 2023 in Paris as the visual representation of the Korean Pop music industry.

Jeonghan wore Yves Saint Laurent attire as he watched the show from the front row after being personally invited by the company’s worldwide headquarters to visit Paris Fashion Week.

Jeonghan looked elegant in a black suit and matching Chelsea boots. The K-pop star had a stylish, understated appearance, and his long, black hair wonderfully complemented it.

Jeonghan was also the focus of the shows. He was seated alongside GQ USA editor Wall Welch and American actor Henry Eikenberry. He appeared to be concentrating on the show during live broadcasts as well.

Even after the show, he rushed to the crowd. The SEVENTEEN member said, “I was able to cheer up thanks to CARATs, who cheered passionately even in the cold winter.” “Thank you for making special memories.”

The idol would likely be clothed in items from the most recent Fall/Winter Men’s Wear 2023 collection as a representative of Yves Saint Laurent. Since YSL hasn’t participated in Paris Fashion Week in six years, fans of the company and SEVENTEEN Jeonghan were eager to see what the presentation seemed to have in store for them this time around.

The star is headed to Paris Fashion Week as part of Jeonghan’s 2023 schedule to serve as a visual ambassador for K-pop and Saint Laurent. He was known for having unequaled visuals; YSL noticed this when promoting SEVENTEEN. As a result, he was invited to his first-ever Paris Fashion Week.

What about Jeonghan, the idol piqued Saint Laurent’s interest

Source: Twitter

Unsurprisingly, people are most eager to witness his “advanced visuals” when wearing YSL clothing due to his visuals, long hair, and skinny body. After hearing that he was leaving for the fashion show, CARATs couldn’t help but mention the several occasions he’s shown his penchant for experimenting.

In addition, SEVENTEEN Jeonghan is well known for his distinctive and eye-catching airport attire. The K-pop star demonstrates a variety of looks, demonstrating his ability to pull off any look effortlessly. Jeonghan is an expert dresser, as anyone who has looked at his Instagram will attest.

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