Jenna Ortega Is in for Big City Horrors in the New "Scream VI" Pics

Jenna Ortega Is in for Big City Horrors in the New “Scream VI” Pics

The last picture of Scream VI tells a very different tale, showing Sam trying to stop Tara (Jenna Ortega) from doing something terrible off-screen.

One week remains till the release of the eagerly awaited Scream VI. The slasher with a New York City setting has enjoyed promoting Ghostface in their new, gore-filled hunting grounds.

His visits to Time Square, Central Park, the subway, and the Statue of Liberty are over, but they were having some fun. Ghostface is now getting ready for battle in a terrifying new collection of photos.

Ghost Face in Scream VI
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The five photos, which released exclusively, chillingly set the grim tone of the sequel.

The last picture, however, tells an entirely different tale, showing Sam trying to stop Tara (Jenna Ortega) from doing something terrible off-screen.

Tara is visibly suffering emotionally and trying to hold back tears. Who knows what she is looking at, but one thing is for sure: this sequel will put fans through the wringer.

Throughout five films, Ghostface has killed a lot of beloved characters, but we have never paused to comprehend it in real time. The most inventive death scenes have just got seen by viewers, who are now ready for the next victim.

With Scream VI, loss and trauma are being addressed head-on, making each passing death more poignant. The Carpenter sisters will suffer significantly since this is the cruelest Ghostface yet.

Melissa Barrea  & Jenna Ortega
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Scream VI: What Is The Film About?

After the shocking events of Scream, Sam, and Tara will appear in Scream VI in New York City. With Chad (Mason Gooding) and Mindy( Jasmin Savoy Brown), Tara (Jenna Ortega) is attempting to lead a typical college life, but Ghostface has returned to turn New York City into their worst nightmare.

While they work to uncover the new identity of this savage Ghostface, Kirby( Hayden Panettiere)and Gale (Courteney Cox) will also make a cameo appearance in the movie. Before the terrible powder keg explodes beneath them, this leads them all to a Ghostface shrine.

Even though the movie’s release is only a week away, there are still plenty of juicy mysteries about its story and new cast members. As a result, get ready for lots of blood, guts, and gory New York vistas.

Scream VI
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Tara’s (Jenna Ortega) budding romance in Scream 6 is hinted at in the footage

A new romance for Jenna Ortega’s Tara may be coming, according to Scream VI footage. Most survivors will reunite in New York to battle a fresh Ghostface killer in the movie, which will hit theatres on March 10. It will directly follow the events of  2022’s Scream V.

Jenna Ortega
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The music video for the movie-themed song “Still Alive” by Demi Lovato came yesterday, containing official clips from the upcoming Scream VI.

A few of the video’s scenes, such as various images of the remaining gang hanging out, had never been seen before. However, a longing glance between Tara and Chad suggests they are beginning to be much more than just friends in New York City.

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