Janelle Monae took part in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Janelle Monae took part in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

On Sunday night at the NBA All-Star Game, American singer-songwriter and actress Janelle Monae introduced the league’s all-time leading scorers.

Participating in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night in Salt Lake City was enjoyable, although Janelle Monae didn’t score any points.

Monáe just appeared in the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend wearing boots with an MSCHF logo. Of course, their sense of fashion and capacity to follow (and create) trends is outstanding. Because of this, it only makes sense that their adoption of the famous Big Red Boots has a twist.

Furthermore, in honor of their most recent comeback hit, Kevin Rejtö Lowry painted the unique “Float” footwear for Janelle. In addition, the background is a lovely sky blue with several clouds drifting above the shoe. They were also flawlessly worn by Monáe with her sky-blue “Float” varsity jacket and blue-white sunglasses.

The 37-year-aptitude old’s for fashion didn’t, however, inevitably result in a stellar Celebrity All-Star performance.

Monae participated in the annual celebrity game for coach Dwyane Wade’s squad shortly after the release of her new single “Float,” which has been used to promote televised NBA games this season. Monáe later tweeted that the experience was “bucket list” material for her.

After the incident, Monáe tweeted, “I got cut from my squad as a youngster (it was horrific!), and now I’m smiling.”

Perhaps Janelle Monae, sporting the illustrious 23 of Jordan and LeBron James renown, was dropped from her childhood team during Friday’s game.

Coach Wade had to teach the fundamentals of basketball to Monáe at one point during Friday’s game because she kept playing defense on her opponent even when her team had the ball on the offensive end. Wade instructed, “I need you to be ready to score when we’re down here.”

As Monae was left alone next to the hoop for what should have been a straight layup, she had an excellent opportunity to score once.

The ball ricocheted back towards the five-foot-nothing Monáe as former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, 6’5″, sprinted over and brutally blocked the shot. After the event, Monáe tweeted, “He’s on my list forever.”

While she wasn’t allowed to record any points, Monáe gave a motivational pregame speech to the other celebs in her locker room and danced to “Float” as it played over the arena speakers during warm-ups.

This weekend’s NBA All-Star festivities will include Post Malone and Jewel appearances and halftime performances by Burna Boy, Tems, and Rema.

Monae’s Catwoman-inspired attire is making her a social media sensation.

Since Monae first appeared on the screen, NBA fans have talked about her.

One supporter asked, “Can we honor Janelle Monae instead of the Mailman?”

One supporter wrote, “Put Karl Malone back and bring Janelle Monae back.”

Another admirer commented, “I’m drooling. Janelle Monae understood what she was doing wearing that attire.”

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