Jackson Wang became the new Ambassador of Louis Vuitton

Jackson Wang became the new Ambassador of Louis Vuitton

Jackson Wang, a singer born in Hong Kong, has been named Louis Vuitton’s newest brand ambassador. Congratulation Jackson!

While on tour in Europe, Wang appeared at the Louis Vuitton men’s fashion show wearing only black, mixing it up with other guests like  Tyga, Usher, JJ Lin, and Jasper Liu.

“I’m gearing up for a tour of the United States, followed by South America and possibly Europe. The crowds in Europe are insane. I’m excited, but there’s a lot of preparation to do,” Wang told WWD before the show.

Wang urged viewers to watch the Livestream on Weibo and Wechat in a 30-second video Vuitton released before the show to promote the event. As of publication, the video had more than 188,000 views.

The international star, who has more than 31 million Instagram followers and 30 million Weibo followers, recently made news for expressing his patriotism on stage, calling China a “dope land,” and defending the nation against “bulls-t” Western media criticism. More than 540 million people clicked on the topic on Weibo after it became popular.

The 28-year-old is well known for treating his fans like friends and inviting them onstage during soundchecks. The next day, Wang made Weibo Trending Topics host a private dinner for a select group of lucky fans. On Weibo, the news was viewed more than 160 million times.

Wang was born in Hong Kong. Former Olympian Wang is a part of the K-pop band Got7. Last September, Jackson Wang published “Magic Man,” his second studio album for solo use, and set out on his first solo world tour, which kicked out in Bangkok. Wang recently announced that he would return to Coachella in April.

The restless performer also serves as the director of the clothing line Team Wang Design and the creator of the record label Team Wang.

Jackson Wang had served as the face of Armani Perfume in APAC and Hennessy before agreeing to become a Louis Vuitton ambassador. He formerly served as the Fendi ambassador for China, a Cartier “friend of the house,” and a Ray-Ban spokesperson.

After Kris Wu fell from grace two years ago, Wang became Louis Vuitton’s most well-known choice as a Chinese ambassador.

Wu’s association with Vuitton was severed when he was accused of being a predator in 2021. Wu received a 13-year prison term for rape and an $83 million fine last November.

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