J-hope is the first Korean solo artist to reach 14M on Spotify

J-Hope is the first Korean solo artist to reach 14M on Spotify

J-Hope of BTS reached a significant milestone on Spotify on Sunday. The number of people who follow him on audio streaming and digital music platforms has grown to 14 million. By achieving 14 million Spotify subscribers, J-Hope surpasses his record as the platform’s most popular Korean solo artist.

Fans got struck by the song’s emotional impact when the rapper recently worked with rapper J Cole on his most recent solo track, On The Street.

When Hybe Labels posted the music video on their official YouTube channel, it sparked similarities to Jin’s “Astronaut” among the BTS ARMY.

The song’s music video opens with J-Hope talking with a little child. The On The Street music video showed J-Hope strolling around the streets before launching into an impromptu song performance.

J Cole joins J-Hope in performing as the song goes on. The two rappers hugged each other tearfully as the video ended.

J-Hope & J. Cole collaborated on the song, "On The Street"
Source: Twitter

J-Hope gave us a touching work of art while achieving his goal of working with his idol, his inspiration, J Cole, which led to him breaking and setting new records and forging his path.

J-Hope’s  On The Street sold 100k units in the US as of March 11 in just one week, as another outstanding achievement. It does so at the quickest rate of any K-soloist song.  

The song “On The Street (featuring J.Cole)” has received the Melon Weekly Popularity Award for the first time, and it debuted at 16th position on the US Billboard 200. Huge congrats, J. Cole and J-Hope!

The agency for BTS has verified that member J-Hope has begun enlisting in the military. After Jin, J-Hope is the next member to complete the required military service. Rapper has requested “the cancellation of his enlistment postponement,” according to a statement from the agency.

In addition, the information reassured fans that despite the short absence of the globally acclaimed Korean pop star, the group would continue to work on their music.

All physically capable men between the ages of 18 and 28 from South Korea are obliged to serve in the military for around two years, and BTS has previously expressed their readiness to do so.

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