Is Steve Harvey getting divorced

Is Steve Harvey getting divorced? Putting An End To All Rumors!

Fans thought the third time would be the charm for comedian Steve Harvey, but is Steve Harvey getting divorced? There are rumors that Steve and her third husband will end their marriage. But they looked pleased with each other.

Steve is one of the best-known and most successful stand-up comedians. Six Daytime Emmys have been given to him. And this is not the first time Steve’s divorce has been discussed on the internet. This happened again in 2019 when the couple posted a video to Instagram saying they were still strong and nothing could break them up. But no video showed up on their Instagram feeds this time.

Steve Harvey and his current wife, Marjorie Bridges, are having the best time of their lives, or as we say, they are living happily ever after. Steve said that she helped him become more responsible and a better person.

Is Steve Harvey getting divorced

He said in one interview that Marjorie made him fall in love with himself when he could no longer love. He said she taught him how important it is to love himself and never let him put work or anything else ahead of himself. Steve always seemed thankful for her. So why do these rumors keep popping up on the internet?

Even if the rumors aren’t true, why doesn’t Steve talk about them? Why doesn’t the couple talk about it? They may be thinking of going their separate ways. Maybe. Maybe not.

Is Steve Harvey going to end his marriage?

No, Steve Harvey is not going to break up with his wife. On June 25, 2021, the couple’s anniversary was celebrated, and Steve posted a cute video of them spending time together. We Celebrated Our Anniversary Together was the title of the video.

And about 6 days ago, Marjorie posted a video to IGTV of Steve smoking a cigar while she eats Kona ice cream. The two people looked like they were on vacation because they were having a good time. After they ate ice cream, Steve took his wife to a cigar bar and made her try a new kind. The sassy couple shared a cigar and posed for the camera while smoking it.

Is Steve Harvey getting divorced

So, a couple who wants to get a divorce won’t go on vacation; if they do, they won’t post pictures and videos of themselves online. So, Steve Harvey and his wife are still together and not getting a divorce. They will keep taking care of Steve’s kids. Marjorie and Steve now have grandchildren, and she keeps posting about them. She loves kids and is very good with them.

How did Steve Harvey’s third wife meet?

In one of her interviews, Marjorie said that she and Steve met at a comedy show where she was late looking for work. She said she thought Steve would give her work. But he couldn’t stop looking at her. And after a while, she realized this man was staring at her.

So she just asked what was going on. Steve told her that he was sorry for making her feel bad. He also said, “Whoever she is.” He had to get married to her. Steve initially fell in love with Marjorie, but she wasn’t dumb enough.

Is Steve Harvey getting divorced

She didn’t start dating Steve until she was sure about him and knew he would be willing to change for her. The couple got married in 2007, and since then, they have been happy. Steve has said that Marjorie brings out his worst side. No one has ever seen that side of him. He said that after meeting her, she knew what it really meant to have a good effect on people.

He said that his wife was the good thing in his life. Even though they’ve been married for 24 years, they still love each other very much. The story of how Steve and Marjorie fell in love is a real gem, and they will live happily ever after.

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