s Post Malone gay

Is Post Malone gay: All about Post Malone’s sexuality

Is Post Malone gay? Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, is one of the most famous rappers to come out of the United States. However, he is best known by his stage name, Post Malone. The success of his first track, which was released under the moniker “White Iverson,” was the initial factor that catapulted him to the forefront of public attention.

The fact that Malone is capable of incorporating aspects of a wide variety of musical forms into perceptive lyrics and thought-provoking has contributed to the increasing attention that he has gained as a result.

Is Post Malone gay

Stoney, Post Malone’s debut album, stayed on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums list in the United States Billboard for 77 weeks, although Beerbongs and Bentleys broke many records for the number of streams it generated. Stoney debuted at number one on the chart. Stoney was made available to the public in 2013. The performer, born in the state of New York, has been honored with many prizes from the music industry, including three American Music Awards, one MTV Video Music Award, and a number of other awards.

Within the confines of this piece, we will do a comprehensive examination of Malone’s sexuality and history in the realm of dating. It is unknown who Post is seeing at the present time; however, rumors are circulating that he is romantically involved with the Korean rapper MLMA. There is no evidence to support this information. This information cannot be validated by any third party because there is no method.

Is Post Malone gay? Malone has allegedly claimed to be bisexual.

Malone has been portrayed in the majority of tabloids as a male who identifies as heterosexual, despite the fact that he has not made any statements on the subject of his sexuality. However, due to the fact that he dresses in a particular manner, there are rumors that he is either gay or bisexual. This is because of the way he presents himself.

Is Post Malone gay

Given that Post has only ever been in relationships with women, it is impossible for the rumor that he is gay to be true. All of his known romantic partners have been women. Despite this, a declaration from Malone himself confirming his sexual orientation would not be adequate. Instead, more evidence will be required.

Post has been linked to MLMA, a popular Korean TikTok singer and rapper.

MLMA, better known by his stage name “Me Love Me A lot,” is a rapper, singer, and Tiktok sensation from the United States born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She manufactured rumors about a romantic relationship between herself and Post by publishing a series of suggestive images of the two of them online, which led many to believe that she and Post were dating. Instant photographs were taken with a Polaroid camera for several of the pictures that were posted, and another picture showed the couple holding hands while they walked together.

Is Post Malone gay

After some time had gone, the Korean diva had the name “Post” stitched onto the front of her pink jacket. This was done after some time had passed. She showcased the jacket in a series of photographs she posted to Instagram and tagged them with the statement, “All I want is for him to be happy, and I like to be in love.”

Malone and Ashlen Diaz went on and off but finally quit in 2018.

Malone started a relationship with Ashlen Diaz right before he became successful in the music industry in 2015. Reportedly, Ashlen was working as a promoter at a nightclub in Dallas at the time, and it was at this club that the two of them first came into contact with one another. As their relationship continued to deepen, the two started to feel more than platonic affection for one another. Post’s love engagement with Diaz served as the impetus for the composition of his chart-topping single “Deja Vu” in 2016, released that same year. The information that follows is what the Post divulged to the Genius:

This song was created not long after I began spending time with my girlfriend and serves as an expression of how I felt. Even though we’ve been dating for two years, it feels like we’re just starting our relationship. Even though we’ve been together for so long, it seems like we’re only getting begun. To put it another way, she is a pain in the neck, but despite that, I still adore her. To put it another way, she is a pain in the neck. I have found a woman who gets an A+, and despite the fact that the world is full of low-class hoes, I have fallen madly in love with her. I’ve been good in my house.

Malone said in an interview with The Breakfast Club that he believed it would be tough to establish a relationship due to his hectic schedule. He cited this as one of the reasons why he thought it would be difficult. Despite this, he was certain that dishonesty would not be an issue for him in any of his future endeavors. The post suggests that the best way to show that you are a gentleman is to play Xbox while the women wait outside the tour bus. This is the most efficient way to demonstrate that you are a gentleman.

During a question and answer session with the audience’s admirers, Diaz disclosed that they frequently spent time apart from one another. It would appear that the level of success that Post has achieved in his professional life is the source of the tension that exists between him and Diaz. According to a story in Us Weekly, during their breakup in 2018, Malone was apparently in the state of Utah working on recording a new album.

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