Is Jonathan Bailey gay

Is Jonathan Bailey gay? What do we know so far?

Jonathan Bailey is most recognized for his performance as Anthony Bridgerton on the Netflix sitcom Bridgerton, which is widely regarded as one of the service’s most popular and well-liked series. Simone Ashley plays the role of Kate Sharma on the show and co-stars alongside Jonathan.

In the second season of the show Bridgerton, the character Anthony, played by Bailey, was engaged in a search for a bride. Is Jonathan also in the process of trying to meet the woman of his fantasies in the real world? Keep reading if you want to acquire additional knowledge on the sexual orientation of the Hollywood actor.

Is Jonathan Bailey gay?

The answer to the question that was asked before is yes. In the television sitcom Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey played the role of a heterosexual man, although, in real life, he identifies as gay. He has not been shy about discussing his sexual orientation in the past.

Is Jonathan Bailey gay

Jonathan opened out about his sexuality in an earlier interview with Ian McKellan. He stated, “I was coming to terms with my own sexuality, I hadn’t necessarily concealed it, but I’ve never been not honest about it.” The thing is, there was never really a reason to discuss it in the first place. I believe a distinct sense of guilt permeates the majority of the gay males that work in the profession.

When did Jonathan Bailey reveal his sexual orientation to his loved ones and friends?

Let us enlighten those who are unaware of the following information: Jonathan did not come out of the closet until he was in his twenties. He revealed his sexual orientation to his close friends and family. Still, he was afraid to divulge the information to the general public because he believed it would hurt his acting career.

The star of Wicked discussed his coming out of the journey in an interview with GQ magazine in March of 2022. According to Jonathan, “At the time, he was told, ‘There are two things we don’t want to know: if you’re gay or if you’re an alcoholic.'” The effect that their comments had on him was significant.

Is Jonathan Bailey gay

“All it takes is for one of those people in that position of authority to say that, and it ripples through,” Bailey said to the outlet. So, yeah, of course, I believed that in order for me to be happy, I had to have a straight orientation. I got to the point where I thought, “Fuck this; I’d much rather hold my boyfriend’s hand in public and not be so concerned about that than get a part.” I’d much rather hold my boyfriend’s hand in public than get a part.

Who does Jonathan Bailey currently have a relationship with?

As of this writing, Jonathan Bailey has refrained from discussing his romantic life in public. To this day, he has not disclosed to anyone whether he is in a relationship or not. Following his victory at the Laurence Olivier Awards in 2019, he gave James Ellis a kiss, which led to allegations of a romantic relationship between them.

In July 2021, Bailey and Ellis were observed consorting in public settings together for the first time. A photograph was taken of the pair as they made their way toward lunch in London. There is a lack of clarity regarding Jonathan and James’ romantic relationship at this point in time.

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