is ishowspeed gay

Is Ishowspeed gay? A peek at Darren Watkins’ sexuality!

Is Ishowspeed gay? IShowSpeed tried for a long time to get on YouTube. But he got lucky when COVID-19 spread around the world. People started playing games then, so the game streamer went viral with his funny and unique way of playing games.

Now, that famous gamer is known as a young rapper who surprised the world with a song for the 2022 World Cup. Since he is now famous worldwide, people want to know, “Is IShowSpeed gay?” This article will tell you about his sexuality and show you a confusing video where he calls himself gay.

IShowSpeed was broadcast live.

If you’ve been watching IShowSpeed’s streams for a long time, you know that when he gets excited, he says some crazy things. This got him into a big mess. IShowSpeed was excited and said he would come out during a Live stream in 2021.

Is Ishowspeed gay

That made things challenging for the “World Cup” singer. His fans started to cheer for him right away. That’s when IShowSpeed realized that his fans did care about that. He said he was gay in a funny way, but people thought he was coming out.

IShowSpeed Made A Video Where He Admitted being a Straight Guy

When Darren discovered his fans thought he was gay, he was upset. He knows this rumor can affect his personal life, so the young streamer couldn’t help but record a video. He said there that he was straight and that what he said in that stream wasn’t true.

Is Ishowspeed gay

At the end of the video, Darren said straight again. He felt terrible and embarrassed about calling himself gay because it made people wonder if he was gay. So, IShowSpeed made it clear that he is not gay but is instead straight.

Last Words

IShowSpeed is getting more fans worldwide now that he isn’t just a gamer but also a famous rapper.

When the official song for the FIFA World Cup 2022 came out, everyone was so mad about it. But IShowSpeed helped him make a great World Cup song that finally made him feel like football.

In 2021, it was said that IShowSpeed was gay. The streamer said he was gay for fun, but his fans thought he was coming out.

When things got hard, he opened the camera on his phone and made a video of himself saying he was not gay but straight.

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