Is hunter Moore still alive

Is hunter Moore still alive: Netflix’s revenge porn criminal.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet, a Netflix docuseries, follows Hunter Moore. As the show airs, many will question, Is hunter Moore still alive?

A new Netflix proper crime caper follows the popularity of documentaries I Just Killed My Dad about Anthony Templet and Sins of our Mother on mother-turned-murderer Lori Vallow Daybell. The Most Hated Man on the Internet is a three-part series about Hunter Moore’s crimes of setting up a revenge porn website and Charlotte Laws’ fight against him when naked photographs of her daughter are uploaded online without her consent.

The top question among viewers is where Hunter Moore is. Did he serve time? Everything is revealed.

Hunter Moore’s whereabouts?

After his 2017 prison release, Hunter Moore keeps a low profile. Hunter tweets gym selfies and dog photos under @iamhuntermoore. Hunter released Make The Internet Great Again in 2017, according to Substream Magazine. Is Anyone Up? his 2018 book, was controversial.

Moore has given a few interviews about the documentary. Moore told Youtuber Daniel Wise (opens in new tab) “Flat out no” when asked if he regretted what happened.

Is hunter Moore still alive

“First of all, this probably sounds horrible, but I’m proud of what I created and the community I created,” he said. “Do I wish I had done it differently? 100%, and you know I’m clearly more than sorry and would love to apologize to those who were negatively affected by the website.”

Hunter first agreed to participate in Netflix’s new docu-series The Most Hated Man on the Internet, according to Tudum’s website. He withdrew for undisclosed reasons. “When Hunter pulled out, I was first sad, but then I absolutely changed my mind and am so delighted we ended up telling it through Charlotte Laws’ story,” said producer Vikki Miller.

Moore addressed why he left the docu-series. “They wouldn’t let me tell my side of the story,” he tweeted in August 2022, adding that “60% of that Netflix documentary was BS”.

Hunter Moore—what happened?

Hunter Moore, a self-described “professional life ruiner,” launched, a “revenge porn” website, in the early 2010s. He placed a naked photo of his girlfriend on the site, which was previously a partying site. After a week, he saw 14,000 hits and added additional naked photographs.

This time, he posted pictures from others, usually ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.

“The ex’s full name, profession, social-media profile and city of residence – which ensured that the pictures would pop up on Google,” Rolling Stone reported, making family and employers likely to find the pictures. Hunter and a group then hacked computers and posted indecent photos they found in owners’ files.

Is hunter Moore still alive

The website posted stolen, compromising naked photos of students, mothers, teachers, women in wheelchairs, and even a woman on a doctor’s table post-surgery for 16 months.

It had 350,000 unique daily users and up to $30,000 in monthly advertising revenue at its height. Hunter hid behind the “user-generated content” law.

He routinely replied with “LOL” to victims’ stop-and-desist letters and emails pleading to remove the photos.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet recounts Hunter Moore’s downfall through exclusive interviews with women and men who fought to have their photographs removed, law enforcement personnel who handled the case, and Moore’s opponents.

What is Revenge Porn?

The government website defines revenge porn as “the posting of private, sexual images, either photos or videos, of another person, without their consent and with the goal of causing embarrassment or suffering.”

Online and offline photos are illegal. It covers uploading, texting, and emailing photographs.

Under Section 33 of the Criminal Justice and Court Act 2015, Revenge Porn in England and Wales is punished by up to two years in prison and a fine (opens in new tab).

Was Hunter Moore imprisoned?

Hunter Moore was imprisoned for two years and six months from 2015 to 2017 for Revenge Porn. He pleaded guilty to felony aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting computer hacking in February 2015.

Moore was sentenced to three years of supervised release, a $2000 fine, a $145.70 restitution fee, and a mental health evaluation.

Is hunter Moore still alive

“He hid behind his online persona and engaged in aberrant behavior,” US district judge Dolly Gee said at his sentencing. Your actions now have consequences. Your lousy judgment hurt your victims and family.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons(opens in new tab) states that he was freed on September 22, 2017.

Hunter tweeted in 2021: “You know my name, not my tale. “You’ve heard my deeds, not my suffering.”

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