is billie eilish gay

Is Billie Eilish gay? Billie Eilish Hides Her Sexuality!

After questions about Billie Eilish’s sexuality and accusations of queerbaiting became hot topics earlier this year, the artist is now addressing those questions (and jabs) head-on.

In a recent interview with Elle, writer Molly Lambert said that Eilish, 19 years old, has been under constant scrutiny online about her personal life, including how she looks and dresses. Eilish says, “Or my sexuality!” in the middle of the piece. “Like, yeah, that’s everyone else’s business, right? No. Where do men get all that energy?”

When the singer released a music video for her “Lost Cause” song earlier this year, some fans said she was trying to get gay attention. In the music video, a group of women was dancing and having fun at a sleepover. In one scene, they were all sitting close to each other on top of a bed.

Eilish also put pictures from the video on Instagram with the words “I love girls” written. Some people wondered if it was a coming out moment, while others called it queerbaiting, when someone uses gay culture or gayness without being gay. Eilish never directly responded to the accusations, but Bustle said in June that she liked a fan’s comment that did talk about the controversy.

is billie eilish gay

“This fandom is sometimes so embarrassing. Why would you go into someone’s comments and say something that you don’t even know is true and that you MADE UP? Sometimes you guys are so stupid. “Some of you should just mind your own business,” the fan wrote.

In her interview with Elle, Eilish talked about more than just her sexuality. She also talks about losing 100,000 followers after posting a photo of herself in a corset that showed off her breasts. She also says that she’s not a big fan of social media, which is understandable.
“I feel bad for those who don’t have it. I really wish there was something I could do to stop it. Delete my account, but I’ll still be able to talk to my fans. “I want both, but you can’t have both,” she said.

Eilish’s personal life will most likely stay private for the foreseeable future. Billie Eilish is still trying to figure out what it means to be a mega-pop star.

She told Elle, “You’re not even supposed to know who you are until you’re at least my age or older.”

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