Is Babs Thore still alive

Is Babs Thore still alive, or does she die? Find out here!

The actress Barbara “Babs” Thore, who starred in My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has passed away. It was the year 76. An Instagram post shared by Whitney Thore on Thursday stated that Barbara, most known as playing Whitney Thore’s mom on the TLC reality show, had passed away due to cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

“My mum passed away last night just as the credits rolled on her favorite movie,” Whitney wrote next to a video montage of photographs of her mother and family throughout the years. Whitney took the photos. “As she breathed her final breaths, Dad, Hunter, and I held her as she passed away. It was precisely 10:32 pm, the same time mom delivered me into this world almost forty years earlier, “— I quote her.

Whitney revealed that her mother suffered from cerebral amyloid angiopathy, which is “an untreatable progressive condition caused by proteins in the brain’s blood vessels that can cause dementia, seizures, or, as was the case with my mother, brain bleeding (hemorrhagic strokes).” Since 2017, Barbara has suffered three strokes, the most recent of which occurred on November 13 of this year.

Is Babs Thore still alive

A moving obituary for Whitney’s mother was shared by Whitney, who wrote: “The best present that was ever given to our family was my mom. No one else could ever garner more of our love, reverence, or esteem than you.” She said to her followers, “If you’re reading this, you’re familiar with her magic: her southern charm, her amazing sense of humor, her beautifully placed clever remarks, her beauty, and her ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and cared for.”

The star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” also expressed gratitude to the audience for loving and watching her mother over the past few years. “She delighted in her newfound television profession more than we can say!” the speaker said. “It was a dream come true!” It provided her with a tremendous feeling of purpose, excitement, and something to look forward to each time the crew arrived. Whitney signed off her post with a heartfelt and uncomplicated message to her mother, which said, “I love you, Mommy.”

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