ImmortalHD Net Worth: Age, Height, and Wealth of His Girlfriend


Musical Artist ImmortalHD net worth is speculated to be $1 million as of now.


Immortalhd’s real life name is Aleksandr Vitalyevich Tchernev-Marchant aka Aleks. He was born on July1,1992.He is a Russian born. He spent 8 years in Russia then moved to Templeton, USA with his family and then later on to Colorado. Aleks is an adopted child. He was a student interested in Graphic Designing and tried getting a degree out of it but he slowly realized it was not for him so decided to drop out.

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In his early age he decided to become a YouTuber.


Aleks was a popular You tuber and made quite a career out of it. He got fame around his early age and later also became a bass player for the band ‘Stuck in Your Radio’. Unfortunately the band broke up.

His popularity as a YouTuber took sight when he joined a channel ‘The Creatures’ in the year 2014.He continued working with them for straight two years until of course they started having creative differences and he quit in 2016.

Aleks now have a personal channel as well as a collaborate channel with James called ‘CowChop’. As of today, they have over 1 million subscribers and have an absurd amount of views to the videos they uploaded.

On the other hand, Aleks’s personal account has over a million followers as well and have over 100 million views on all his videos.


Unfortunately there came a point when he became prey to cybercrime and experienced that his account was hacked. Aleks then restarted his journey and nothing could stop him. His uploads are all about laying video games, gaming and adding fun banter, commentaries to it.


Aleks is a fun human being in his personal life. He claims he loves vodka as he is Russian. Hes afraid of flying he said in an interview. He also is a genuine pet lover. He has a dog and a cat as of now. Aleks’ parents name is nowhere mentioned but a known fact is he lost his step-mother due to cancer.

Aleks is a charming man. He does have a history in dating. Tiffany Kudrikow, Dominica Baczel,Sj were a few to name. The relationships didn’t last very long. Almost 1-2-3 years and done. As of now, speculations are he is single and wants to focus on his work.

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