HyunA and Dawn reunited after 2 months after their breakup

HyunA and Dawn reunited after 2 months after their breakup

HyunA and Dawn, two former lovers, ignited romance rumors after sharing identical Instagram photos.

A specialized media organization claimed on January 27 that 31-year-old HyunA and Dawn (29) might have reconciled.

According to the media outlet’s story, HyunA and Dawn have recently been spotted dating at home and abroad. They took care of each other like they usually did, a source close to the situation remarked. “They had spent time together on film sets and had even traveled abroad for schedules.”

HyunA and Dawn, who made their romance public for the first time in 2016, announced their breakup in November last year.

According to News1, Dawn also entered into an exclusive management agreement with AREA, a hip-hop label established by the production team GroovyRoom, who also manage the rapper Mirani and the vocalist Gemini.

HyunA and Dawn
Source: Twitter

On Thursday, Dawn posted on his social media, “New place, new music coming soon,” teasing his new contract and upcoming comeback.

HyunA recently revealed a photo of her new lip piercing on social media, leaving admirers to speculate whether it was a “love piercing” with Dawn.

HyunA uploaded a mirror selfie of herself earlier this month that showed off her new piercing. Dawn has several piercings, including a lip piercing for the uninitiated. “Yep, the Tiktok Fans remain in their delusional phase and still think the break-up was a joke,” a Twitter user responded in response to rumors of their reconciliation.

HyunA and Dawn have both dismissed rumors of their reconciliation in the meantime, putting them to rest. HyunA and Dawn are still close friends and occasionally eat together, according to a representative who spoke to the media, according to the South Korean entertainment portal Allkpop. They are not, however, dating again.

On November 30, Hyuna confirmed their breakup on her Instagram account. They will stay close friends, she assured. “We parted ways. We decided to carry on as great friends and colleagues going forward. We value your ongoing support and care for us.” HyunA wrote.

HyunA and Dawn
Source: Twitter

HyunA and Dawn were among the most famous couples in the Korean entertainment industry. According to rumors, the two have been dating since 2016 and announced their relationship in 2018. At the Seoul Music Awards 2022, the two made headlines when they shared a stage kiss during their Ping Pong performance.

Dawn told people about their covert engagement in February 2021. “MARRY ME” was written on their sign, which they held in their fingers. HyunA had re-posted the same and said, “Oh sure, it’s a yes.” These all disappeared from their Instagram profiles subsequently.

The Couple jointly worked for PSY’s agency, P Nation, which they left last year. The two previously belonged to the agency Cube Entertainment, from which they got expelled after declaring their engagement.

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