How to Start a Conversation with a Guy: 10 Conversation Starter Ideas!

Talking to a guy you like is one dilemma that most girls struggle with.

Girls are pros when it comes to conversing with their friends, family, and co-workers.

But, when they have to start a conversation with a guy are digging from afar, most of them go speechless.

Before you start a conversation with a guy you are interested in, you make sure you have an engaging & fun conversation.

The conversation should spark chemistry which later on can embark to a meaningful relationship.

Conversations, are a two-way street between two people. When the connection is in its initial stages, you’re more likely to talk via texting.

You both have to keep the conversation flowing, fun & flirty at the same time.  

Conversation face-to-face:

    1. An inside joke  

An inside joke is something that indicates something intimate & personal between the two of you.

Two good examples are teasing each other by pairing them with your friends or about an embarrassing incident that happened when you two were together.

Keep it on the fun side, so that no one gets offended or hurt, inside joke is a good conversation starter.  

   2.Lead with open questions  

Many conversations reach dead end even before it begins, specifically, if they open with boring phrases like “sup”? Hey, or what you doing?

If you start a conversation by asking open ended question there are more chances of the guy replying back.

If you have any interests in common or any movies or shows you both like you can start a conversation about that, by asking it in question form.

This will show your genuine interest and willingness to know more about his opinions, likes & dislikes.

Engaging & interactive conversations that lead to discussions, captures a guy’s attention. 

   3.Follow up  

A good way to break the ice with a guy is to start the conversation from where you guys left off!

The progress can be made, if you start your conversation by “I decided to see the movie that you recommended;

I don’t really like those kinds of films, but I was surprised that I actually quiet enjoyed it.”

Follow up on something they recommended, would be a good way to start, this shows that you are a good listener and also have sharp memory.

  4.Talk about a common interest  

Having a common interest has many pros because the focus shifts from you to the topic of interest at hand.

This makes the conversation more on the general side & you feel less pressure on yourself.

You both can have common interest in shows, movies, actors etc.

Discussing something in common is a set a good mood for conversation. 

  5.Share an old memory.  

If you know each other for a long time, chances are you have memories, pictures, and other mementos of you two together, which makes starting a conversation much easier.  

  6.Asking for help  

Men are good at solving problems, where they instinctively help women. It is in their DNA to help out women.

The situation doesn’t have to be serious in order for you to ask him for his help with your computer or fix an appliance or anything he might be well versed at.

Asking for help will make him feel helpful, which can give you a great starting point. 

  7.Pop culture references  

It is a possibility you both might be a crazy fan of comics or enjoy the same movies, or director even.

Pop culture is an excellent topic to make your bonding strong.

It can serve as a great conversation starter if not done too much. 

  8.Give them an update on a mutual friend.  

If you have any mutual friends, many of your conversations could be about the mutual friend you both share.

So, bringing up development in a mutual friend’s life, for example getting married, changing cities, or switching jobs, are things your mutual friend would expect people to discuss.

It reiterates the fact that you have other friends in your friend circle not just them. 

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Start a conversation over text.

Texting is a new-age communication tool. While texting is not as satisfying as speaking in person. Texting has a different dynamic.  

  1.Lead with confidence  

If you are the one who reaches out to them first, it shows that you are confident and bold at the same time in your approach towards them.

It’s alright to reach out to him, out of the blue & start a conversation.

Give them time & space to revert when they can, and then in a casual manner continue the conversation. 

  2.Use of emojis or GIFs.  

 An emoji has the power to change the entire vibe.

Emojis can be more than just a way to start a conversation.

An emoji or .gif can put a happy smile on the guy’s face. 

  3. Be Genuine  

 Texting is not the same experience as a face-to-face conversation, when you are in their presence.

Make sure you text the same way, as you talk in person, don’t be entirely a different person when you are texting him.

People value authenticity & honesty in all their interactions be it personal or online.  

  4.Ask for recommendations  

It’s always a good thing to try a new show, movie, or read a book.

You can ask a guy for any of these recommendations.

You asking him for his recommendations will boost his confidence & a great start to a conversation with him.  

  5.Keep it light and playful.  

 One can discuss serious issues over texts, but no one wants to debate their taxes or conflict in the Middle East.

When texting a guy you are into, keep it playful & light-hearted so that he feels like texting you about those things to escape from more stressful things in his life.

Try to avoid serious topics unless he wants to discuss them.

Start a Conversation with a Guy


  1. How do you start a good conversation with a guy?  

A: Ask the guy for a recommendation, and pay him a compliment. If you know the guy already, you can bring up the book he’s been reading, ask for a favor, talk about the weather and his interests, and talk about your environment.  

  2.How make a guy chase you?  

A: Talk about what you are doing that day, but keep some details about your life to yourself. Ask him some thoughtful questions about himself. Text him a song you are listening to, send him a funny meme, and give him a sincere compliment.  

  3.How do you maintain a guy’s interest?   

A: Be independent while you are in a relationship by keeping up with your hobbies & friendships & give him the space to be independent. Compliment him to show for the things he does for you, and keep flirting with him to show him you’re interested.  

  4.What do men like to talk about? 

A: Men love having conversations about the things they like to do or their natural talents & desires. Feel free to start a conversation that involves his hobbies & desires, and let him know why you would like to indulge in the same activity.   

  5.How do you make a guy think about you?  

A: Call or text him with subtle desire. Write him a lusty note, tease him early in the morning, kiss him. do something completely unexpected. Share a slightly suggestive photo.  

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