how can i listen to past phone call conversations – Answered

A previous phone call cannot be heard, as far as we know. But if you’d like to listen to the call again, you may record it and store it to your smartphone.

Are Phone Calls Automatically Recorded?

Many outdated gadgets featured built-in call recorders that automatically saved conversations. This was a huge time-saver, especially if you needed to keep track of important phone calls.

Unfortunately, this feature was extinguished by the introduction of smartphones. Instead, you’ll have to use a recorder to capture the conversation on tape.

It’s acceptable that mobile phones don’t have this feature because some nations don’t allow call recording unless all parties agree to it.

Maintaining an accurate log of phone calls, despite this, could help you remember critical details.

Developers are now creating applications that may be used in place of the built-in recorders on smartphones and tablets. Android and iPhone users alike will be able to take advantage of these programmes thanks to their universal compatibility. In the event that you allow it, these apps can record your phone calls without your knowledge.

The automated call recorder is a nice example. This app can be downloaded from the Google play store and is compatible with a wide range of devices, except for Apple’s iPhones. Download and install this app from the Google Play store to get it operating on your device

The recorder will begin recording your phone calls as soon as you have finished setting it up. You can also store your records in a variety of various file formats using this application. It also offers a storage area where you may quickly access calls you’ve recorded.

In addition, you can choose to turn off the application’s automatic recording capability.

Other than this, you can’t automatically record phone calls on your mobile device…

How Can I Listen to a Call Again?

Recordings of prior phone calls are the only method to hear them, as previously stated. Currently, there is no automatic feature that maintains track of phone calls on a mobile device. To begin recording a phone call, either manually activate the record feature on your device or connect an external recording device.

Compared to prior devices, mobile carriers have implemented these measures to preserve the privacy of their customers. No one wants to be recorded every time they phone, after all. Taping every phone call is also a waste of storage space that could be used for other useful apps or photos.

Taping phone calls saves both you and your device a lot of space when you can choose which one to record. Manually recording talks has only one challenge: finding them.

In the next part, we’ll show you how to easily find recorded phone calls in your phone’s memory.

How to Find Call Records on Android?

You must have enabled the recording capability on the device before it can save a mobile conversation. When you’re on the phone, this capability is available on the majority of Android smartphones.

When a discussion begins, an icon for a microphone will appear. To begin recording, all you have to do is tap the symbol.

The recording is saved in the device’s internal memory after the phone call. In order to locate this file, go to the storage location on your phone. Then, go to the phone’s internal memory and utilize the search function to seek for any recorded phone calls.

It’s much easier to locate your recording when you’re using an app that records automatically. To achieve this, go to the “recent” menu in your recording app of choice. Those who you recently spoke to on the phone are listed here.

A search function is included in most programmes, allowing you to easily locate a contact. Click on the name of the caller you’re looking for to bring up their whole call history. Click “play” to begin listening to the recording you selected earlier.

You can also send the recordings of your phone calls to a third party. When you click on the recording, you’ll see a share icon appear. Click on it.

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How to Find Call Records on iPhone

It is illegal to record a conversation manually if you are an iOS user. You will be unable to record anything on your screen if you answer the phone.

This strategy is used by Apple to protect the privacy of both the user and the company. In order to comply with local privacy laws, Apple has disabled the recording capability.

Phone recording has been outlawed in various jurisdictions for some time now. In order to comply with this rule, Apple excludes phone recording from the app.

Can I Record a Phone Call on My iPhone?

Despite the restrictions iPhone users face, there are still ways to record phone calls.

There are three ways to record phone calls, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

TapeACall Pro is another excellent option for when you need to record a phone call (with consent, of course).

To begin recording with this app, simply launch it while on a call (informing the other party that you’re recording). When you launch TapeACall, the call is put on hold and their recording line is dialed. When the line answers, you press the merge button to make a three-way call with your other caller and TapeACall’s recording line (3-way conference calling is required with your carrier).

It’s also simple to record an outgoing call: simply press the record button to dial their recording line, then tap “Add Call” to call the person you want to record, then tap “Merge” when they answer.

TapeACall recordings can be downloaded to your computer, and the app supports an unlimited number of recordings. There is an optional subscription service that includes additional features such as transcriptions.

Google Voice

Another viable option for recording phone calls is Google Voice.

Google Voice, unlike TapeACall and other applications, is free to use.

However, only incoming phone calls can be recorded, not outgoing ones. Another disadvantage is that even if you mute the phone, the app will notify the caller when you start and stop recording. If you don’t want the other party to know you’re recording the conversation, this can be inconvenient.

Despite its flaws, Google Voice has some advantages. Google Voice makes it much easier to record an incoming call than TapeACall. This is due to the fact that you only need to tap “4” on your Phone app’s keypad to start or stop recording.

Furthermore, the “Voicemail” page of Google Voice makes it simple to listen to recorded messages.

QuickTime Player

If you own a Mac, you can record iPhone conversations using QuickTime Player. FaceTime is also supported by the new feature. Using headphones to converse on your iPhone, on the other hand, will prevent you from taking advantage of this capability.

Make sure your iPhone is in speaker mode for phone calls or FaceTime recordings before you start recording. In the QuickTime Player menu bar, select “File” and then “New Audio Recording.”

Other solutions

Call recorder

There are several similar applications available for download, all of them are free. In fact, you can record all of your phone calls and listen to them later at your leisure. It’s available on Android for free.


Call Recording by NoNotes is a great option if you frequently find yourself on business calls and need to keep a record of them for future reference.

The app only needs to know your phone number, an email, and a six-digit numeric PIN to get you started. Then all that’s left to do is to log in. A new feature allows you to record and transcribe phone calls, which may then be shared via email or other cloud services, such as Google Drive.

With the free version, you’ll get 20 minutes of recordings each month, as well as access to the transcriptions. If you run out, in-app purchases allow you to add more.

IntCall call recorder

For those looking for a call recording app that can handle a wide range of recording needs, IntCall Call Recorder is a good option. Free to download, but not free to use. You can purchase pre-paid credit or subscribe on a weekly basis to make up for the cost of the monthly fee.

Allows you to record both domestic and international calls using IntCall. Recordings of the entire call are preserved on your smartphone, where you can share them through email or export them to a cloud-sharing service of your choosing Each recording can be titled, making it simple to categorize and organize.

If you want to use this software, you’ll need a GSM phone with 3-way conference calling.

Audio Recorder 2

This Cydia feature allows you to record and listen to phone calls if you have unlocked your iPhone. Google Drive and/or Dropbox can be synchronized for a fee of $ 3.99.


The official Skype software for Android and iOS allows you to record calls and video chats owing to a special built-in function: just start a Chat, press the button + and select the item Start recording in the menu that opens. This may not be well known.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get old phone conversations

Unless you use a call recorder on your phone, your conversations are not recorded.

However, practically all smartphones do not automatically record calls.

The audio file can be easily retrieved from the phone’s storage if the talks are recorded without the user’s knowledge…

Can I Listen to Phone Calls That Haven’t Been Recorded?

Listening to phone calls that haven’t been recorded isn’t possible at this time.

Can You Listen to Previous Phone Calls on iPhone?

If you’ve recorded a phone call, you can listen to it on your iPhone. An in-built recording option is missing from Apple’s software, unfortunately. Installing an external recording application is the only way to capture phone conversations for later listening.

Why Record Phone Calls

Recording phone calls is a useful practice when interviewing someone for a research project or a blog post. It’s easier to focus on the interview if you record the call instead of taking notes, which results in a more interesting conversation.

Even if you’re adept at multitasking and/or shorthand, it’s nearly hard to remember everything that is said during an hour-long interview with a prospective employer. Furthermore, when working from memory, there are cognitive and memory biases that come into play. Such errors are impossible to make when the interview is meticulously recorded.

When making a hiring decision, recruiters often recommend recording interviews so that other stakeholders can be given access to the recording so that a more informed decision can be made.

Obtaining consent from the interviewee and being aware of the legalities of recording a phone call are essential.

Can you playback phone conversations?

You can listen to saved recordings. You can also specify how long recorded calls should be kept. Important: Call recording is only supported by certain devices and carriers. Some laws require that everyone on the call give their permission to be recorded.

Can I listen to past phone calls without recording?

Unless you use a call recorder on your phone, your conversations are not recorded. However, almost every smartphone does not record calls by default. If the user’s conversations are recorded without his or her knowledge, the audio file can be easily retrieved from the phone’s storage.

Can you listen to past phone calls?

It would be impossible to recover it if you hadn’t recorded the conversation. As a result, the only way to retrieve a previously recorded call is to use a third-party application to record and save the call. Can I listen in on phone calls that haven’t been taped? No, it is not possible to listen in on phone conversations that have not been recorded.

Where is call recording saved

On the phone, not in the cloud, recordings are saved. When using the Phone app, go to Recent, then tap the caller’s name. It is from here that you have access to playback and deletion of the recording as well as sharing of the call via email and messaging applications.

How do I recover a voice recording

Recovering audio recordings from an android phone is as simple as following these steps: From the drop-down menu, choose Android audio file type. USB is the preferred method of connecting Android phones and tablets to a computer. Deleted recordings can be recovered from Android.

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