Gonzaga faced a crushing defeat, 84-66, to the Purdue

Gonzaga faced a crushing defeat, 84-66, to the Purdue

The 6 Gonzaga Bulldogs faced an 84-66 loss to the 24 Purdue Boilermakers on Friday at 8:30 p.m. in the college basketball semifinal of the Phil Knight Legacy in Moda center. After the match, the Boilermakers continued their five-game winning streak, while the Bulldogs could win just two out of their past four games.

The Purdue Boilermakers have won both of the past matches against Gonzaga.

The Bulldogs returned to the Rose Quarter, where it crushed Memphis and Georgia State in the last season’s first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament. The Gonzaga additionally positioned third in their 2017’s PK80 Invitational section. The 6 Gonzaga Bulldogs were 5-1 all-time inside the Moda Center, have four times victory in NCAA Competition, and the solitary misfortune in twofold extra time.

The Bulldogs are amidst a stretch of games against possibly six at present positioned groups more than a seven-game range; they won 64-63 against the No 12 Michigan State; lost 74-93 against Texas in No 4; beat No. 4 Kentucky 88-72; Boilermakers of No 24; No. 8 Duke, and No. 7 Baylor. Texas, Baylor, Kentucky, and Duke are presently first, seventh, fourth, and ninth in the KenPom rankings, while the Crosses are third. Gonzaga visits the eleventh position on December 17 in KenPom, Alabama.

The 6 Gonzaga Bulldogs achieved a 102-78 triumph over Portland State late Thursday in the quarterfinal of the Phil Knight Heritage. The Zags completed in twofold digit scoring driven by Malachi Smith with his season-high 23 points. Smith was five-five from three-point range, while the Gonzaga Bulldogs made 12-of-24 collectively. The Zags wrapped up with a season-high 24 assists.

Gonzaga Vs. Purdue, Team Stats

6 Gonzaga Bulldogs

Field Goals: 27/67, 40.3%

Three Pointers: 9/28, 32.1%

Free Throws: 3/4, 75%

Total Rebounds: 31

Offensive Rebounds: 8

Assists: 15

Blocks: 4

Steals: 2

Turnovers: 7

Fouls-personal: 19

24 Purdue Boilermakers

Field Goals: 29/60, 48.3%

Three Pointers: 10/26, 38.5%

Free Throws: 16/22, 72.7%

Total Rebounds: 47

Offensive Rebounds: 14

Assists: 21

Blocks: 2

Steals: 3

Turnovers: 8

Fouls-personal: 12

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