Freedom Wave Concert: Shatta & Medikall filled up Accra Stadium

Freedom Wave Concert: Shatta & Medikall filled up Accra Stadium

Freedom Wave Concert, Ghana: Shatta Wale, a dancehall performer from Ghana, made history on December 25, 2022, when he attracted a sizable crowd (40,000) to his Freedom Wave Concert.

The dancehall superstar made Ghanaians proud by accomplishing what many singers before him had failed to do. Five videos from the vast concert, the Freedom Waves Concert, have been compiled by

Given that it is free and involves two performers with some of the most significant followings in Ghana, the show may be among the most famous music events in Ghana this year.

GhanaWeb provides readers with five things they should anticipate during the #Freedom Wave Concert to prevent them from being caught off guard by potential show-related and at-the-show happenings.

Performances at the Freedom Wave Concert

Despite being the leading performers, the FreedomWaveConcert promises to be a star-studded affair. Additional well-known and up-and-coming artists will stop by to give fans extremely brief performances.

One of the best stage performances of the concert in Ghana is undoubtedly Shatta Wale. His capacity to compel his admirers to his will is one thing that would make the show unforgettable. His music is well-known and liked by many people. Most likely, millennials would attend the gig because they generally enjoy the music and performance of rappers. It would be a terrific show since the audience could identify with and like the songs played.

A lengthy line of posh cars led by Shatta Wale and his sidekick Medikal to the Accra Sports Stadium.

The audience cheered enthusiastically when Medikal performed on stage while riding a quad bike, thrilling them with some of his biggest bangers.

One of the special guests at the Freedom Wave Concert, Larruso, sparked a commotion when he showered supporters with money from his Range Rover.

Shatta Wale demonstrated his dance skills while performing. He performed a 360-degree motion while standing on one leg.

Tight Security at the concert

A sizable contingent of Ghana Police Service officers would be sent out to guard the lives and property of concertgoers due to the expected large number of attendees. On occasion, there will also likely be private security guards.

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