"FACE" by Jimin has received more than 60 million Spotify streams

“FACE” by Jimin has received more than 60 million Spotify streams

“FACE,” the new album by Jimin, has received over 60 MILLION listens on Spotify, becoming the fastest Korean solo artist to accomplish this feat.

Jimin, congratulations!

The long-awaited and eagerly anticipated solo debut album of Jimin, titled “FACE,” was finally published on March 24. On several music charts and platforms throughout the world, including those for Spotify,  iTunes and Melon, Oricon, and Big Top 40 of the UK, the pre-release track when “Set Me Free. Pt2” got released on March 17, it had already been doing incredibly well and shattering several records. The song’s explosive response increased the album’s high expectations, and the album did not disappoint!

As the biggest solo single debut by a K-pop soloist in Spotify Worldwide Chart history, the title track “Like Crazy” shattered the marks set by “Set Me Free Pt.2” last week. Both filtered and unfiltered streams use this record.

'FACE,' by Jimin has surpassed 60 M streams on Spotify
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Jimin has shattered his records

With VIBE by Taeyang (ft. Jimin) still holding the third spot, Jimin now has the second spot for the most significant solo song debut by a Korean pop solo artist on the Spotify Worldwide chart in history!

With such strong streaming figures, “Like Crazy” rose to 8 on the Spotify Global ranking for the most significant Korean song debut.

For instance, “Like Crazy” also made history as a K-pop act with the most significant solo song premiere on Spotify in the UK, Chile,  USA, and many other nations. Remarkably, the United States and the United Kingdom are regarded as the world’s top two and third-largest music markets, respectively.

It means that Jimin becomes the first K-pop star to hold the Top 2 highest solo song debut on both Spotify USA and UK. That is truly a mind-blowing accomplishment, especially given he has managed this with his first-ever solo album! “Set Me Free Pt.2” previously held the record in both countries.

The two singles by Jimin, “Set Me Free Part. 2” and “Like Crazy,” are the only ones to have debuted at number one on Spotify South Korea in 2023.

Considering both filtered and unfiltered streams, “FACE” also shattered the record for the most significant album debut by a South Korean actor and a Korean solo artist in 2023!

With 22.4 million listens, Jimin had his most crucial streaming day ever on Spotify and nearly doubled his peak from the release of “Set Me Free Pt.2” on March 17.

The title track, “Like Crazy”, peaked at 2nd  on the Spotify World Daily list, becoming one of two songs with the highest rank ever attained by a Korean pop soloist. 

Jimin also became one of just two Korean solo artists with more than 6 million streams to debut on the chart.

All Details About Jimin’s new album “FACE.”

The opening of the “Like Crazy” music video features a lost-looking Jimin. The three-minute footage, which takes place during a party he threw for himself, follows him as he tries to dance the agony away figuratively.

He returns to a table in the early morning hours of the music video, hunches over from tiredness, and smears mud on the camera.

The ARMY has consistently recognised Jimin for his contagious optimism and charm since BTS’ 2013 debut and throughout the group’s historic and record-breaking career thus far.

The full-fledged project reveals his hidden talents and potential outside the BTS label over 20 minutes.

‘FACE’ was produced in early 2022  as a six-track album. The multi-hyphenate leans lyrically and sonically with assistance from producers and musicians, including BTS bandmate RM,  Chris James,  Pdogg,  Blvsh,  Evan, Ghstloop, and Supreme Boi. He also holds songwriting and producing credits on nearly all of the songs.

Ace confronts the deeper aspects of himself that he would rather forget and offers a rare and open look at Jimin’s hidden wounds. “Face-off,” the album’s opening track, begins with trumpets blasting and distortion before his vocals come in. 

The trap-soul song seizes your attention and draws you into the darkest recesses of his mind since he isn’t afraid to show off his innermost thoughts.

Those ideas are still present in the gentler and slower ballad “Alone,” which expresses Jimin’s worry about getting left behind during the pandemic.

Audio samples of occasions and media that are significant to Jimin are one of the things he includes on FACE to create the impression of a deep dive into his mind.

“Interlude: Dive” opens with “Face-off reverse “‘s instrumentals before transitioning into commonplace noises that evoke pleasant and sorrowful recollections. 

A sold-out crowd’s scream, the singer’s introductory statements from 2022’s Busan concert by BTS, and more bland sounds like water filling a glass and background chatter are all woven into the dreamy and hypnotic interlude.

Jimin battles his lamest thoughts on “FACE” and comes out victorious.

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