Ezra Miller, The Flash star's future, is decided by James Gunn

Ezra Miller, The Flash star’s future, is decided by James Gunn

Peter Safran and James Gunn, the heads of DC, did not rule out Ezra Miller playing the Flash in a future installment of the DC Universe.

After a rocky year highlighted by several arrests and public meltdowns, “The Flash” star Ezra Miller appeared to be done with the DC Universe. However, after “The Flash” stand-alone debuts on June 16, according to recently appointed DC co-head Peter Safran, “the door is open for potential collaborations with Miller.”

According to Safran, Ezra is wholly dedicated to their recovery. He said,” We have our full support throughout their current path. We’ll all determine the best course of action when the moment is perfect, and they feel prepared to have the conversation.”

“We’ll all determine the best course of action when the moment is perfect, and they feel prepared to have the conversation.” However, they are entirely concentrated on their rehabilitation at the moment. And it seems like they’re progressing a lot from our talks with them over the last couple of months,” Safran added.

The Flash star Ezra Miller
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During statements made throughout a presentation on Monday on the Warner Bros. lot for chosen media, Ezra Miller brought up his self-described mental health issues.

This past summer, Miller started receiving therapy for a previously unidentified mental health illness and has kept out of trouble.

Miller utilizes they/them pronouns and self-identifies as non-binary. James Gunn and Safran laid out Phase 1 of the DC reset, starting with a Superman movie in 2025. A director and an actor have not yet been chosen for the project.

When Gunn and Safran took over the DC reins in October, there was a lot of speculation that the four upcoming DC movies cleared under the old DC/Warners administration — “Blue Beetle,” “The Flash,” “Shazam!,” and an “Aquaman” sequel — were viewed as floating dead. However, Gunn quickly put an end to such a notion by giving “The Flash” the highest possible praise.

In connection with a burglary in Vermont in May, Miller entered a guilty plea on January 13 and got sentenced to one year of administrative probation and a $500 fine.

Last year, Miller was charged with various crimes, including disorderly conduct in a Hawaiian karaoke club, throwing a chair at a 26-year-old lady during a private gathering, and an argument with a female bar patron in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In addition, a 12-year-old and their mother in Greenfield, Massachusetts, requested a restraining order against Miller, and the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes, 18, filed a protective order against him for grooming and manipulating their daughter when she was a minor.

Miller released a statement in August following the controversies, claiming that “recently having gone through a moment of posttraumatic stress, I now understand that I am suffering from complicated mental health difficulties and have commenced continuing treatment.”

Miller’s unpredictable behavior during the Covid epidemic started to worry studio officials and fans, but Safran and Gunn’s passion for “The Flash” is encouraging.

That happened when the actor met with Pam Abdy and Michael De Luca,  the heads of Warner Brothers motion pictures, last summer to express regret for the incidents.

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