Ezra Miller- starrer at "The Flash," was still not replaced by DC.

Ezra Miller- starrer at “The Flash,” was still not replaced by DC.

Ezra Miller, The Flash & Weirdo star, has not yet been replaced by DC, although they dropped Henry Cavill as Superman. Miller got involved in several controversies throughout the year. In the most recent court conflict, Ezra Miller was accused of grooming teens, according to the report of USA Today.

Miller appeared in court on burglary and theft charges, and he was facing a 26-year jail sentence. So fans wanted him to be replaced.

Will DC replace Ezra Miller?

Since James Gunn and Peter Safran were named the studio’s new co-CEOs, the future of DC Studios has been in doubt. First, it was made public that Patty Jenkins had left Wonder Woman 3 because it didn’t work with her plans. Then it was announced that Henry Cavill would not reprise his role as Superman and that he had shot a cameo for The Flash, which may or may not feature in the production.

Gunn has addressed the numerous rumors about the transition while remaining open. Even today, he refuted a rumor that they would include Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the main DC Universe. One thing is sure: things will look significantly different after Gunn and Safran carry out their plans. Fans appear to believe that Ezra Miller should no longer play The Flash, and one fan artist has recently produced new fan art depicting Lucas Till as the Fastest Man Alive.

Will Dylan O’Brien Replace Miller?

Warner Bros. Discovery does not appear to have any intentions to replace Ezra Miller with Dylan O’Brien or any other actor, despite the actor’s never-ending list of problems. The purpose is to move forward with The Flash without making any changes to the cast, which is understandable.

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Miller has been embroiled in controversy, but Warner Bros. has reportedly finished The Flash movie and spent a lot of money on it. It would require numerous reshoots and further delay the film if the lead character were to be recast.

Source: Twitter

Warner Bros. appears to fully support Miller, having previously backed the movie and stood with Miller. However, media outlets have started to pay attention to the part Miller played in ending the Fantastic Beasts franchise recently, which has many wondering whether their controversies could force DC to reassess their plans.

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