Everything You Need To Know About Godaddy Email Login?

Are you running a small business that contains less staff? Are you in the need of a business email to facilitate the correspondence? If your answer is yes then for this there are too many web companies who provide you the best services. 

The most famous and well-known is the GoDaddy email account and this is best for every type of business. If we talk about GoDaddy then it is the American hosting company providing the best services since 1977 and now this company has more than 20 million users. 

However, more than seven thousand people are working in this company. So, if you have a GoDaddy email or want to create and want to know everything about the GoDaddy email login then you are in the right place. You will find everything about GoDaddy email login in this article like how to log in, change password, and many other things. 

What is the GoDaddy email?

GoDaddy webmail which is also known as GoDaddy email was introduced in 1997 by Bob Parsons. The Chief Executive Officer is Aman Bhutani and the chairman is Charles Robel. 

One can be able to make a branded email account which comprises the particular domain. You can have your own branded email address which will prove helpful to put a good impression on your client as first impression is the last impression. One can receive the starter email package when he decides to connect with GoDaddy and buy the related paid plans regarding business. 

The GoDaddy packages are usually similar and contain the entire important plans layout. All these plans and packages have specific time limits. So at the time of near expiry of time limit, then you need to renew the overall starter email plan and package.  

GoDaddy never puts their clients into trouble; your essential plans will automatically become updated. So you are not supposed to take stress for its updating as it is quite convenient. The combination of GoDaddy and Microsoft 365 provides you with professional email service. 

Beside this, it also permits their use to access PowerPoint, Excel, and Word software applications. Consequently, the user can get a number of advantages by using these software apps. Furthermore, you should not worry about which sort of email you are going to transfer. You will be able to transfer complicated and simple mail as well.

GoDaddy business premium account:

Many of us want to access GoDaddy business premium accounts along with Microsoft 365. In this way, you should follow the given process. Initially, you will get a tetra plan which consists of four packages. All these include Premium Security plan, Business Premium, Email Plus and Online Essentials. If you want to have a plan for minor business, then the business premium plan is considered the best one.

Besides, you can find out more offers while checking for it. On the other hand, to save some amount you can have the option to buy annual plans instead of monthly based. It will let you save a good amount. Each single plan has good storage space which is approximately 10 GB. 

The business premium plan of GoDaddy contains OneDrive for business which acts as a shelter for online storage. Furthermore, one can also have the opportunity to add health insurance options in case of business requirement. 

In the next step, GoDaddy provides you with a couple of options. One of them is signed in and the next is to create your account if not found already. Now it is simple, you just have to move ahead with a single option and give all the required information.

After giving information, you should confirm all the options and then submit your money. Here you have your own GoDaddy email account along Microsoft 365. 

How to set up your GoDaddy email account?

After doing all the steps perfectly that are given above you have to go to the next page. The next thing you have to do is add your new GoDaddy domain name, with the help of this you can start creating the email aliases. But remember that for this it is important to buy the domain name and paid plan.

But it depends on you if you want to use the previous domain name then you can add this to your GoDaddy email account. For this you have to wait sometime or you can call the support team to add the existing domain name.

After performing all the above given steps the next thing is to create the username and password. Other than this, set up the backup email to get the account information and also set up the properties of the administrator.

Now you have to verify the confirmation email that you get from GoDaddy to your email account. If you want to set up the professional email then for this you have to download and install an app called Outlook. After installing this app on your mobile you have to follow all the instructions to complete the process of installing professional email.

How To Perform GoDaddy Email Login:

There are different ways to perform the GoDaddy Email Login and it is very easy to access your GoDaddy account. After clicking the login button the menu will be displayed on your screen. After this you will also find the inbox links option and when you click on this you will see two types of options, one is GoDaddy Webmail login and the next option is Office 365 Email login, now you have to select the account from the options. 

Other than this if you already sign in to your GoDaddy account then the next thing you have to do is to click on the ” My Products ” option and with the help of this you can access the professional email. After this you will find the option ” Email & office ” and here you will find the other option named where you want to login. So, after login your account you got to the Microsoft 365 dashboard.

What Is The Procedure To Reset The GoDaddy Password? 

If you want to reset the password of the GoDaddy account then you have to follow all the steps: first you have to go to the My Product page and after that scroll down to find the subsection named ” Email and Office”. 

After finding this you have to select the option named email and reset the password. The next thing you have to do is find the ” manage ” button and then click on this button. The new screen will open and here click on the ” Password ” option and enter a new password to reset the GoDaddy account password. After entering it, confirm your new password. 

Technical Support:

The next method to perform GoDaddy email login is to contact the technical support of GoDaddy. The best thing for you is that the technical support of GoDaddy is present for twenty-four hours and also present for the entire week. 

When you give all the instructions about the login of a GoDaddy account with the help of an email address then this thing will not take too much time. Other than this if you are facing any type of problem like in function or any other thing then the technical support team of GoDaddy is always present to help you.

Other than this, if your GoDaddy account is configured to allow too many email accounts then the next thing you have to do is get a new password for every email account. This is a very simple and easy process, you just have to follow all the instructions that are displayed on the screen of your computer. 

After typing the new password you just have to click on the option named save password and the whole process will be repeated. This process will take a few minutes and after resetting the password everything will get normal. However, this is the most useful and safest method for resetting the GoDaddy account password.

Web Hosting Services:

On the internet you will find many free web hosting services and with the help of this you can easily access the email address. The most common method is the Inbox Email Protocol and the IMAP. However, IMAP is the most commonly used free web hosting service.

But the main thing is that you don’t have permission to access the account, for this first you have to log into the server. However, if you use the GoDaddy email hosting service then this does not happen with you, as you can easily log in anytime and access your GoDaddy account.

Change The GoDaddy Email Login Password:

It is very important for you to always remember to change the password after some time. Changing the GoDaddy email login password is important because it saves your account from different types of cyberattacks. 

So, it is better for you to change the password after every six months. Other than this if you have too many accounts and you think that it is very difficult to remember passwords of all accounts every time then in this situation you can use the same passwords for every account. 

How To Merge The Existing Email With The New Email:

If you want to merge the existing domain to the new one then the GoDaddy provides you this opportunity and you can easily do this. You have the opportunity to easily send the existing data, different setups and mails to the new domain without any difficulty. 

You can do this with the help of requesting to add the previous domain data to the new site. This thing makes sure to save communication between the new business sites. 

However, recently GoDaddy added this migration functionality and in any type of emergency communication you can easily transfer your all data to the new business site. Remember one thing that you will not lose any data or email at the time of migrating existing email to the new email. 

The workspace login of GoDaddy will save all the mails together when you complete the process of merging. All the details of GoDaddy workspace login are given below. 

Workspace Login With The Help Of GoDaddy Website:

However, it is very easy and simple to create a GoDaddy email account and use the business website with the help of the webmail services of GoDaddy. 

Other than this, all the features that you find inside the GoDaddy, you can also access the webmails in different modes. You have different ways to perform GoDaddy email login like with the help of portal, with the help of mail or you can also do this with the help of GoDaddy portal.

Different Things To Know If You Are Performing GoDaddy Email Login Through Computer:

All the things that you should know are given below.

  • First you have to open the GoDaddy official website.
  • After this on the homepage of this website you will find the GoDaddy email login link.
  • Here you will find the drop down menu contains the different links to guide you for every step.
  • Now you have to follow the link named the GoDaddy webmail login
  • For login you must have to enter the email and the password.
  • If you are going to sign in with the help of the public system then remember one thing that you don’t have to select the option named “keep me signed in”. This is to avoid the different types of loss. 
  • After entering all the details like email and password you have to click on the button names sign in.


After reading the entire article I hope now you know very well about the GoDaddy email login. Everything about the GoDaddy email login is given above. If you have any questions related to this topic then ask us in the comment section. So, if you like the article and get information from this article then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members.