Don Lee will return as Gilgamesh in Marvel's Eternals 2

Eternals 2, starring Don Lee as Gilgamesh

Don Lee, the South Korean- American actor’s management and agency team, released a new statement outlining the actor’s planned endeavors over the next three years, including Eternals 2 on the list of projects!

A recent internet listing makes a compelling case for the start of work on Marvel Studios’ Eternals 2.

The first movie, helmed by Chloé Zhao, was not well-reviewed when it was released last year. It was the first MCU movie to receive a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Eternals 2, Source: Twitter

Fans are nevertheless anxious to learn more about the anticipated sequel despite this. The project’s future is uncertain because neither San Diego Comic-Con nor D23 acknowledged it earlier this year.

Even the actors who play the roles are still determining their plans. However, some people are confident that they’ll come back.

Eternals 2: Is It Nearer Than Anyone Thinks?

The management company of famous Gilgamesh actor Ma Dong-Seok (Don Lee), Big Punch Entertainment, issued a public statement announcing Lee’s forthcoming projects for 2023 and beyond. The second Eternals movie is one of the several movies shown.

According to a translated version of the Korean statement on Twitter by Eternals Updates, Don Lee is currently filming Criminal City 4 before revealing that Eternals 2 is in production.

Source: Twitter

What to Expect at a Family Reunion of Eternals

If Eternals didn’t receive a sequel, that would be surprising. The movie established so many backstories and plot points for the MCU’s future that it seems impossible to miss a sequel.

One plot element that Marvel must address is that a Celestial kidnapped half of the film’s cast. Then there’s Tiamat jutting out of the water, Dane Whitman’s new blade, Arishem’s impending return for judgment (perhaps setting up the MCU’s Galactus), and more.

Source: Twitter

Of course, this also allows learning more about Eros, also known as Thanos’ brother, who Harry Styles plays. According to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the newly revealed figure will return, but it is unclear if it will be for an Eternals sequel or something else entirely.

And then there’s Gilgamesh himself, who would have to be revived if Don Lee were to make a comeback, perhaps with the help of the World Forge. If he can return, it will also be possible for Salma Hayek’s Ajak and Richard Madden’s Ikaris to do the same.

Source: Twitter

Hopefully, Marvel Studios can significantly raise the bar for the eventual sequel. Any object can go from The Dark World to Ragnarok if Thor can.

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