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Dream Raider Season 2 News: For HBO Asia’s science-fiction series Dream Raider, Professor Cheng and his daughter An Ya are the main characters, working alongside investigator Li Xiao to find the perpetrators of mysterious murders in which the victims’ brains are hacked by an unknown entity.

Dream-robbing technology is used by Cheng and An-Ya to investigate a series of mysterious crimes and events that occur in the city. A person’s dreamscape may be accessed through dream raiding technology, which opens a window into the dreamscape of the subject.

Dream Raider Season 2

It debuted in Asia in August of 2020 before heading to the United States in February of 2022, where it is presently showing as HBO Asia’s first science fiction series.

Reviews and fans have praised the Taiwanese show’s captivating storyline, outstanding production design, and great performance. It has gotten several good reviews.

The show’s second season, which follows an immensely successful first season, will definitely be eagerly anticipated by fans and science-fiction aficionados alike. As a consequence of our efforts, here is all you need to know about the subject:

The Release Date for Dream Raider Season 2

Ahead of its February 17, 2022, HBO premiere, “Dream Raider” was shown in its entirety on HBO Max the next day. As of August 16, 2020, The Walking Dead will have its Asian premiere one month before the US launch. A new episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead will air on August 16th, 2021, in Asia. All eight episodes in Season 1 have a total running duration of around 45 minutes.

The second round of the playoffs begins on Thursday. Here is what we know so far. As of this writing, HBO Asia and HBO Max have not made an official announcement on the renewal of ‘Dream Raider’ for a second season. On the other hand, it is possible that the science fiction show will be revived.

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After a startling finale, the first season of the sitcom leaves the door open for a second season to be developed. In addition, the first season does not resolve any of the many issues posed regarding the destinies of the characters, including the likelihood of a love connection forming between Li Xiao and An-Ya.

When it comes to her role as Cheng An-Ya, one of the series’ primary protagonists, Ellen Wu is certain that Season 2 will arrive sooner rather than later. It was disclosed in a post-premiere interview that she would want to see her character’s connection with her father explored further in a future film.

HBO’s bosses may have no choice but to renew the show if it succeeds in drawing a sizable audience to its HBO Max debut. If this happens. We may expect a second season to air in the first quarter of 2023 if the show gets renewed soon.

The Dream Raider Season 2 Cast

We can expect Shih-Sian Wang, Weber Yang and Ellen Wu to all return for a new season of the programme, as well as the rest of the supporting cast (Cheng An-Ya). Aggie Hsieh (Che Na), Cheng-Chun Chung (Xie Xiao-Yu), Tzu-Chiang Wang (Captain Zhang), Bella Wu (Li Ke), Vivian Hsu (Li-An), and Duncan Lai (Hank) are all slated to return, along with the rest of the ensemble. It is possible that David Yao-Qing Wang, Ke-Xi Wu, and Jun Kunimura (Mr. Watanabe) will not be able to reprise their roles in season 2 because to the deaths of their respective characters in season 1.

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Season 2 Storyline for Dream Raider!

Although Qi-Feng endeavoured to open the Abyss of Consciousness gates so that his wife Li-An may return to the actual world, the show’s first season ended unexpectedly. To finish his experiment, the scientist collected hundreds of people’s nerve impulses and failed horribly. His failure finally led to his death. As soon as Qi-death occurs, An-Ya allows Feng’s Cheng to re-enter the actual world by allowing her Abyss to be opened up to the outer world.

Dream Raider Season 2 News

The Abyss is where Li-An will stay for the time being. Li Xiao bids farewell to his daughter, who is preparing to embark on a voyage to Singapore with Li’s ex-wife and new partner as the father and daughter enjoy their time together. Li-An opened her eyes at the end of the season, indicating the end of the series and her return to the real world.

Li-return An’s to reality in the first season may or may not be revealed in an updated second season. The possibility exists that Li-An will have a change of heart and that the reasons for this might be explored in a future season. Li Xiao, who is mourning the loss of his daughter, may see An-Ya for the first time. It’s possible that Cheng would prefer to spend more time with his daughter instead of going back to prison if the truth of Qi-fake Feng’s death is revealed. In addition, we may expect that Cheng, An-Ya, and Li Xiao would continue to employ dream robbery technology to solve ambiguous crimes in a probable second season of the show.


To far, no official trailer for HBO Max has been made available. We’ve included the previous season’s Dream Raider trailer for those who want to stay up to date on the plot of this show. Enjoy!